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ChemRxiv: Preprint-Publikationen

Miroslawa El Fray · Nina Kantor-Malujdy et al.

Poly(butylene-succinate)-based blends with enhanced oxygen permeability

Saikat Das · Taishu Sekine et al.

Three-Dimensional Covalent Organic Frameworks with scu Topology

Hiroshi Yamamoto · Jun-ichiro Kishine et al.

On the definition of chirality and enantioselective fields

SHYAM SATHYAMOORTHI · Someshwar Nagamalla et al.

Progress Towards the Syntheses of Bactobolin A and C4-epi-Bactobolin A Using a Sulfamate-Tethered Aza-Wacker Cyclization Strategy

Ahmet Uysal · Amanda J. Carr et al.

Convenient Confinement: Interplay of Solution Conditions and Graphene Oxide Film Structure on Rare Earth Separations

Shan Dai · Eva Montero-Lanzuela et al.

Room Temperature design of Ce(IV)-MOFs: from photocatalytic HER and OER to overall water splitting under simulated sunlight irradiation

Byron Farnum · Md. Motiur Mazumder et al.

A Zinc Catalyzed Two-Electron Nickel(IV/II) Redox Couple: New Catholyte Design for Redox Flow Batteries

Timothy Noel · Ting Wan et al.

Photoinduced Halogen-Atom Transfer (XAT) by N-heterocyclic carbene boryl radicals for C(sp3)−C(sp3) bond formation

Skye Fortier · Alejandra Gomez-Torres et al.

Molecular Capacitors: Accessible 6- and 8-electron Redox Chemistry from Dimeric “Ti(I)” and “Ti(0)” Synthons Support-ed by Imidazolin-2-Iminato Ligands.

Kim Jelfs · Emma Wolpert

Coarse-grained modelling to predict the packing of porous organic cages

Tomohiro Shiraki · Tamehito Shiga et al.

Azide modification of single-walled carbon nanotubes for near-infrared defect photoluminescence by luminescent sp2 defect formation

Anjun Qin · Bingnan Wang et al.

The Commercial Antibiotics with Inherent Aggregation-Induced Emission Characteristics

Ken Sakai · Keita Kuge et al.

Theoretical Study on the Mechanism of Hydrogen Evolution Reaction Catalyzed by Platinum Subnanoclusters

Anjun Qin · Pengbo Han et al.

Organic Near Infrared Photothermal Materials with Temperatures up to 450 oC Constructed by Cycloaddition-Retroelectrocyclization Click Reaction

Dušan Mrđenović · Wenjie Ge et al.

Nanoscale chemical imaging of human cell membrane using Tip-enhanced Raman spectroscopy

Seán R. Kavanagh · Christopher N. Savory et al.

Frenkel Excitons in Vacancy-ordered Titanium Halide Perovskites (Cs₂TiX₆)

Hengfei Gu · Fei Zhang et al.

Interfacial connections between organic perovskite/n+ silicon/catalyst that allow integration of solar cell and catalyst for hydrogen evolution from water

Kyauta Sunday · Muru Yohanna Nyankwon

Adsorption Isotherms of Congo red dye on groundnut shell and sorghum husk

Mario BARBATTI · Mattia Bondanza et al.

The Newton-X platform: new software developments for surface hopping and nuclear ensembles

Carmen Herrmann · Aida Saghatchi et al.

Common Trends of Chiral Induced Spin Selectivity and Optical Dichroism with Varying Helix Pitch: A First-Principles Study

Senthil Kumar Kuppusamy · Lea Spieker et al.

An iron(II) complex shows bistable spin-state switching characteristic with T1/2 centred at room temperature

Stefan Freunberger · Christian Prehal et al.

Exclusive Solution Discharge in Li-O2 Batteries?

Mark Crimmin · Nikolaus Gorgas et al.

Diverse Reactivity of an Iron–Aluminium Complex with Substituted Pyridines

Oliver Reiser · Narenderreddy Katta et al.

Divergent and Synergistic Photocatalysis: Hydro- and Oxo-Alkylation of Vinyl Arenes for the Stereoselective Synthesis of Cy-clopentanols via a Formal [4+1]-Annulation of 1,3-Dicarbonyls

Cody Ross Pitts · Yannick Kraemer et al.

Strain-release Pentafluorosulfanylation and Tetrafluoro(aryl)sulfanylation of [1.1.1]Propellane: Reactivity and Structural Insight

Mingdi Yan · Sajani Liyanage et al.

Azide-Masked and Trehalose-based Fluorescence Turn-On Probe for Mycobacteria

Ranita Samanta · Susobhan Das et al.

Mechanoelectronics: Flexible Organic Semiconducting Single Crystals for Durable All-Flexible Field-Effect Transistors

Jonathan Hirst · Joseph Davies et al.

Machine learning for yield prediction for chemical reactions using in situ sensors

Jerome Waser · Nina Declas et al.

Tyrosine Bioconjugation with Hypervalent Iodine

Ge Zhang · Jingfan Yang et al.

High Energy Density Picoliter Zn-Air Batteries for Colloidal Robots and State Machines

Cheng Wang · Yuming Su et al.

Predicting Two-Photon Absorption Cross Sections with Experimental Accuracy Using Only Four Molecular Features Revealed by Interpretable Machine Learning

Benjamin F Trueman · Javier M Locsin et al.

Sodium silicate and hexametaphosphate promote the release of (oxyhydr)oxide nanoparticles from corroding iron

Arghya Bhowmik · Williams Agyei Appiah et al.

Sensitivity analysis methodology for battery degradation models

Cheng Wang · Huihui Hu et al.

Photo-Chlorination of Linear Alkanes with 2-Position Selectivity Using a Metal-Organic Layer Catalyst

Michael Bojdys · Matthias Trunk et al.

Sulfur- and boron-containing porous donor-acceptor polymers for photocatalytic hydrogen evolution

hongdong hao · Zhiyu Gao et al.

A Unified and Bio-inspired Total Syntheses of Cochlearol B and Ganocins A-C via a Cyclobutane as Overbred Intermedi-ate

Yang Li · Yingying Qi et al.

Terminal Repeats in Collagen Triple-Helices

Jared C. Lewis · Christian A. Gomez et al.

Directed Evolution of a Fe(II)- and α-Ketoglutarate-Dependent Dioxygenase for Site-Selective Azidation of Unactivated Aliphatic C-H Bonds

Jeremiah Gassensmith · Sneha Kumari et al.

Biolistic Delivery of MOF-Protected Liposomes

Andrew Teale · Trygve Helgaker et al.

DFT Exchange: Sharing Perspectives on the Workhorse of Quantum Chemistry and Materials Science

Rakesh Joshi · Xinyue Wen et al.

Understanding water transport through graphene-based nanochannels via experimental control of slip length

Yee Hwee Lim · Congqiang Zhang et al.

A Spirobicyclo[3.1.0] Terpene from the Investigation of Sesquiter-pene Synthases from Lactarius deliciosus

Gnanaprakasam Boopathy · Nirmala Mohanta et al.

Catalyst Assisted Selective Vinylation and Methylallylation of Quaternary Carbon Centre by using tert-Butyl Acetate

Patrick O'Malley · Felix Rummel

How Nature makes O2: an electronic level mechanism for water oxidation in photosynthesis.

Akash Vanzara · Saloni Ambasana et al.

Systematic investigation of selected bio-molecules, potentially effective in inhibiting SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 via in-silico analysis

Youliang Wang · Weilin Wang et al.

Copper-Catalyzed Regioselective [4+2] Annulations between Diaryliodonium Salts and Alkynes: Design, Development, and Applications

Xiang Ma · Zizhao Huang et al.

Photoprogrammable Circularly Polarized Phosphorescence Switching of Chiral Helical Polyacetylene Thin Films

Bing Zheng · Jing He et al.

Ultra-stable metallic freestanding multilayer borophene with elevated work function