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ChemRxiv: Preprint-Publikationen

Isaac Martens · Nikita Vostrov et al.

Revisiting phase transformation mechanisms in LiNi0.5Mn1.5O4 high voltage cathodes with operando microdiffraction

Sebastian Polarz · Marian Jaschke et al.

Photoactive surfactant semiconductors characterized by a dissociative identity disorder integrated into the membranes of living cells as trojan horses for on-demand and spatial regulation of oxidative stress.

Lu Yang · Jiayue Fu et al.

Collective Total Syntheses of Benzo[c]phenanthridine Alkaloids via A Sequential Transition Metal-Catalyzed Pot-Economy Approach

Duncan Bruce · Alice Jane McEllin et al.

On the Mercuration, Palladation, Transmetalation and Direct Auration of a C^N^C Pincer Ligand

Amit Kumar · Ronja Haas et al.

Polyureas as SEI-forming Additives for Li Metal Anodes

Aiko Fukazawa · Masahiro Hayakawa et al.

One-dimensional fragments of fullerene C60 that exhibit robustness toward multi-electron reduction and pronounced light absorption

Xingyu_Polyu Zhang · Ying Li et al.

Si-based Composite Anode for Li-ion Batteries with Enhanced Cycle Stability via Doping Cu3Si Phase Achieved by Modified Coating of PDA

Tongtai Ji · Xiao Sun et al.

Understanding Mechanisms of All-solid-state Lithium-Sulfur Batteries through Operando Raman and Ex-situ XAS Studying

Prashun Gorai · Michael Y. Toriyama et al.

Material Descriptors to Predict Thermoelectric Performance of Narrow-gap Semiconductors and Semimetals

Xiao-Ye Wang · Cheng Chen et al.

Heteroatom-Doped [4]Triangulene: Facile Synthesis and Two-Dimensional On-Surface Self-Assemblies

Natalia Kireeva · Aslan Yu. Tsivadze et al.

Modeling ionic conductivity and activation energy in garnet-structured solid electrolytes: the role of composition, grain boundaries and processing

Kirsten Marie Ørnsbjerg Jensen · Emil Thyge Skanning Kjær et al.

DeepStruc: Towards structure solution from pair distribution function data using deep generative models

Junming Ho · Mackenzie Taylor et al.

Predicting Solvent Effects on SN2 Reaction Rates – Comparison of QM/MM, Implicit and MM Explicit Solvent Models

Grant Hill · Harry Nash et al.

Correlation consistent auxiliary basis sets in density fitting Hartree-Fock. The atoms sodium through argon revisited.

Warren Piers · Cody Carr et al.

Boosting CO2-to-CO Evolution Using a Bimetallic Diketopyrrolopyrrole Tethered Rhenium Bipyridine Catalyst

Gunda Georg · Erik B. Faber et al.

The discovery of high affinity and metabolically stable allosteric cyclin-dependent kinase 2 (CDK2) inhibitors from screening through lead optimization

Caitlin Howell · Daniel P Regan et al.

Improved recovery of captured airborne bacteria and viruses with liquid-coated air filters

Skye Fortier · Alejandra Gomez-Torres et al.

Synthesis of an Arenide-Masked Scandium Complex Accom-panied by Reductively Induced C-H Activation

Vinicius Gonçalves Maltarollo · Gabriel Corrêa Veríssimo et al.

MASSA Algorithm: automated rational sampling of training and test subsets for QSAR modelling

Carlos Alberto Mateus Afonso · João Rafael Vale et al.

Combining photochemical transformation of pyridinium salt with kinetic enzymatic resolution towards the total synthesis of (-)-agelastatin A

Safiya Khalil · Matthew D. Meyer et al.

Enabling Solution Processible COFs through Suppression of Precipitation during Solvothermal Synthesis

Christopher Spicer · Nicholas Rose et al.

Insight into ortho-boronoaldehyde conjugation via a FRET-based reporter assay

Caitlin Howell · Po-Chun Hsu et al.

Continuous, Non-Destructive Detection of Microorganism Growth at Buried Interfaces with Vascularized Polymers

Zheng Zhao · Philip E. Bourne

Systematic exploration of privileged warheads for covalent kinase drug discovery

Jianhui Wang · Juner Chen et al.

Design localized high concentration electrolytes via donor number and solubility

Maximilian Skoda · Sophie Ayscough et al.

Suspended phospholipid bilayers: a new biological membrane mimetic

SHYAM SATHYAMOORTHI · Someshwar Nagamalla et al.

Progress Towards the Syntheses of Bactobolin A and C4-epi-Bactobolin A Using a Sulfamate-Tethered Aza-Wacker Cyclization Strategy

Rahul Rao · Ryan Selhorst et al.

Electron-beam chemistry in graphene - Effect of environmental SEM parameters on patterning and defect engineering

Jason Dutton · Tania _ et al.

Synthesis and Structural Verification of an ArI(OTf)2

Benjamin Mudrak · Sara Bosshart et al.

Five Years of ChemRxiv: Where We Are and Where We Go From Here

Gregory Arzoumanidis

New Antitumor Organotitanium Complexes with a Pendant Biologically Active Diazo Group

Miroslawa El Fray · Nina Kantor-Malujdy et al.

Poly(butylene-succinate)-based blends with enhanced oxygen permeability

Saikat Das · Taishu Sekine et al.

Three-Dimensional Covalent Organic Frameworks with scu Topology

Hiroshi Yamamoto · Jun-ichiro Kishine et al.

On the definition of chirality and enantioselective fields

Ahmet Uysal · Amanda J. Carr et al.

Convenient Confinement: Interplay of Solution Conditions and Graphene Oxide Film Structure on Rare Earth Separations

Shan Dai · Eva Montero-Lanzuela et al.

Room Temperature design of Ce(IV)-MOFs: from photocatalytic HER and OER to overall water splitting under simulated sunlight irradiation

Byron Farnum · Md. Motiur Mazumder et al.

A Zinc Catalyzed Two-Electron Nickel(IV/II) Redox Couple: New Catholyte Design for Redox Flow Batteries

Timothy Noel · Ting Wan et al.

Photoinduced Halogen-Atom Transfer (XAT) by N-heterocyclic carbene boryl radicals for C(sp3)−C(sp3) bond formation

Skye Fortier · Alejandra Gomez-Torres et al.

Molecular Capacitors: Accessible 6- and 8-electron Redox Chemistry from Dimeric “Ti(I)” and “Ti(0)” Synthons Support-ed by Imidazolin-2-Iminato Ligands.

Kim Jelfs · Emma Wolpert

Coarse-grained modelling to predict the packing of porous organic cages

Tomohiro Shiraki · Tamehito Shiga et al.

Azide modification of single-walled carbon nanotubes for near-infrared defect photoluminescence by luminescent sp2 defect formation

Anjun Qin · Bingnan Wang et al.

The Commercial Antibiotics with Inherent Aggregation-Induced Emission Characteristics

Ken Sakai · Keita Kuge et al.

Theoretical Study on the Mechanism of Hydrogen Evolution Reaction Catalyzed by Platinum Subnanoclusters

Anjun Qin · Pengbo Han et al.

Organic Near Infrared Photothermal Materials with Temperatures up to 450 oC Constructed by Cycloaddition-Retroelectrocyclization Click Reaction

Dušan Mrđenović · Wenjie Ge et al.

Nanoscale chemical imaging of human cell membrane using Tip-enhanced Raman spectroscopy

Seán R. Kavanagh · Christopher N. Savory et al.

Frenkel Excitons in Vacancy-ordered Titanium Halide Perovskites (Cs₂TiX₆)

Hengfei Gu · Fei Zhang et al.

Interfacial connections between organic perovskite/n+ silicon/catalyst that allow integration of solar cell and catalyst for hydrogen evolution from water

Kyauta Sunday · Muru Yohanna Nyankwon

Adsorption Isotherms of Congo red dye on groundnut shell and sorghum husk

Mario BARBATTI · Mattia Bondanza et al.

The Newton-X platform: new software developments for surface hopping and nuclear ensembles

Carmen Herrmann · Aida Saghatchi et al.

Common Trends of Chiral Induced Spin Selectivity and Optical Dichroism with Varying Helix Pitch: A First-Principles Study