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März 2.3.-5.3. Milton Keynes/ Großbritannien Comprehensive Gas Chromatography Training — Kontakt:; courses/4day-comprehensive-gctraining-shimadzugc-gcsolution. 10.3.-13.3. Mallorca/Spanien Light Driven Water Splitting Using Semiconductor Based Devices — Kontakt: 10.3.-12.3. Paris/Frankreich JEC Europe: Composites Show & Conference — Kontakt: 10.3.-11.3. San Diego, CA/USA Manufacturing and Marketing Cosmeceutical and Homeopathic OTCs: Complying with FDA's Rules for Drug Products that do not require FDA Pre-Approval — Kontakt:; 12.3.-13.3. San Diego, CA/USA Quality Control Laboratory Compliance: cGMPs and GLPs — Kontakt:; training. 14.3.-17.3. Kuala Lumpur/Malaysia Human Genome Meeting — Kontakt:; 16.3.-17.3. Cascais/Potugal Discovery 2015 — Kontakt: 16.3.-19.3. Milton KLeynes/ Großbritannien Comprehensive GC-MS Training — Kontakt: Claire Wallis;; 4day-comprehensive-GCMS-agilent -masshunter. 16.3.-17.3. Philadelphia, PA/USA Missing Data in Clinical Trials — Kontakt: Stephen Grosso;; clinical-trials-forum/#evvnt. 17.3.-18.3. San Diego, CA/USA Manufacturing and Marketing OTC Drugs in Compliance with FDA Regulations (Emphasis on Topical Products) — Kontakt:; 19.3.-20.3. Abu Dhabi/Vereinigte Arabische Emirate International Conference on Vitamin D Deficiency — Kontakt: Maria Estoye;; 19.3.-21.3. Busan/Südkorea Annual World Congress of Regenerative Medicine & Stem Cells 2015 — Kontakt:; 19.3.-20.3. Washington, D.C./USA Lifecycle Approach to Analytical Methods for Drug Products — Kontakt:; 23.3.-24.3. Orlando, FL/USA How to Successfully Manage an FDA High Risk Food Inspection — Kontakt:; 24.3.-25.3. Birmingham/ Großbritannien Effective Contractor Management in Maintenance and Technical Projects — Kontakt: Alice Kenning;; 24.3.-25.3. Philadelphia, PA/USA Proactive GCP Compliance Forum — Kontakt: Evan Ring;; 28.3.-29.3. Istanbul/Türkei expoMED Eurasia — Kontakt: 30.3.-1.4. Leeds/Großbritannien Nucleation — Kontakt: April 8.4.-9.4. Lille/Frankreich Plant-based Summit: European Conference and Exhibition for Biobased Solutions — Kontakt: 9.4.-10.4. York/Großbritannien Inorganic Biochemistry Discussion Group (IBDG) Spring Meeting — Kontakt: Alison Parkin;; 12.4.-15.4. Oegstgeest/ Niederlande EFMC Short Course on Medicinal Chemistry: Small-Molecule Modulation of Protein-Protein Interactions (PPIs) — Kontakt:; 12.4.-17.4. Wien/Österreich Stable Isotopes and Novel Racers in Biosphere-Atmosphere Exchange — Kontakt: 13.4.-15.4. Dubai/ Vereinigte Arabische Emirate World Congress and Expo on Nanotechnology and Materials Science — Kontakt: nanotechnology2015@scientificfuture. com; 13.4.-16.4. Milton Keynes/ Großbritannien Comprehensive Gas Chromatography Training — Kontakt: Claire Wallis;; training-courses/4-day-comprehensive-gc-thermo-trace-gc-xcalibur. 13.4.-14.4. Reims/Frankreich European Conference on Pharmaceutics: Drug Delivery — Kontakt: 14.4.-16.4. Maastricht/ Niederlande UTECH 2015 — Kontakt: 14.4.-17.4. Nantes/Frankreich Annual European Rheology Conference (AERC 2015) — Kontakt: 14.4.-17.4. Peking/V.R. China World CTX: Coal to X and Special Focus on Potential Impact of Shale Gas — Kontakt: 15.4.-17.4. Morristown, NJ/USA Medical Affairs Strategic Summit East (MASS) — Kontakt: Andrea Magnolo;; 16.4.-17.4. Boston, MA/USA GMP Compliance for Quality Control and Contract Laboratories — Kontakt:; 16.4.-17.4. Manchester/ Großbritannien Commercial Graphene Show Europe — Kontakt: Amy Radley;; 16.4.-17.4. Reading/ Großbritannien Hands-on Advanced UHPLC/HPLC Method Development — Kontakt: Jenny Sumner;; 17.4.-19.4. Glasgow/ Großbritannien European Stroke Organisation Conference — Kontakt:; 19.4.-22.4. Solihull/ Großbritannien British Toxicology Society Annual Congress — Kontakt:; MeetingNo/BTS_AC2015/default.aspx. 20.4.-21.4. Brighton/ Großbritannien Southern Dalton Meeting — Kontakt: Oscar Navarro;; 20.4.-21.4. London/ Großbritannien Controlled Release Conference — Kontakt: Kinga Gradalska;; 20.4.-21.4. London/ Großbritannien Adaptive Designs in Clinical Trials — Kontakt: Magdalena Georgieva;; 20.4.-24.4. San Diego, CA/USA International Conference on Metallurgical Coatings in Thin Films (ICMCTF 2015) — Kontakt: 21.4.-22.4. Hyderabad/Indien Critical Issues in Crushing, Refining, Processing, Product Formulation and Packaging — Kontakt: 22.4.-25.4. Antalya/Türkei Mediterranean Symposium on Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (MESMAP-2) — Kontakt: 23.4.-24.4. London/ Großbritannien European Clinical Trials Inspection Readiness Summit — Kontakt: Andrea Magnolo;; 23.4.-24.4. London/ Großbritannien QbD and Lifecycle Management for Analytical Methods - Kontakt: Judy Callanan;; analytical-methods_35.htm. 25.4.-30.4. London/ Großbritannien How Wide is the Pond: Understanding Differences Between EU GHS (CLP) and Hazcom — Kontakt: 26.4.-30.4. Montpellier/ Frankreich EuroFillers & Polymer Blends — Kontakt: http://eurofillerspolymerblends2015. 29.4.-30.4. Iselin, NJ/USA Lyophilisation & Freeze Drying USA — Kontakt: Teri Arri;; 29.4.-30.4. London/ Großbritannien Annual Food, Nutrition and Agriculture Genomics Congress — Kontakt:Steph Punfield;; genomics-congress. Mai 1.5.-6.5. Galveston, TX/USA Inorganic Reaction Mechanisms — Kontakt: 3.5.-7.5. La Rochelle/Frankreich International Symposium on Green Chem- istry — Kontakt: 3.5.-6.5. Orlando, FL/USA American Oil Chemists' Society Annual Meeting — Kontakt: 4.5.-6.5. Lexington/USA International Conference on Big Data Analysis and Data Mining — Kontakt: Suzane Jones;; 5.5.-6.5. Barcelona/Spanien European Symposium on Clinical Laboratory and In Vitro Diagnostic Industry — Kontakt: Xavier Fuentes-Arderiu;; 6.5.-8.5. London/Großbritannien Medicinal Chemistry — Kontakt: Debbie Reeve;; 6.5. New York, NY/USA FT US Healthcare & Life Sciences — Kontakt: Melissa Papasidero;; 7.5.-8.5. Barcelona/Spanien International Conference on Renewable Energy and Gas Technology (REGATEC 2015) — Kontakt: Jörgen Held;; 7.5.-9.5. Bukarest/Rumänien European Biotechnology Congress — Kontakt: 11.5.-15.5. Lille/Frankreich European Materials Society Spring Meeting — Kontakt:; 12.5.-14.5. Barcelona/Spanien Secrets of Batch Process Scale-Up — Kontakt: Debbie Reeve;; https://scientific ning-courses/. 12.5.-13.5. Denver, CO/USA Fire Retardants in Plastics — Kontakt: Kelly Cressman;; C648#4695. 14.5.-16.5. Gent/Belgien Yeast Lipid Conference — Kontakt: 15.5.-17.5. Newtown/ Großbritannien ESBOC Symposium: Design and Engineering of Novel Biocatalysts — Kontakt: Tim Bugg;; 17.5.-22.5. Lucca/Italien Self-Assembly & Supramolecular Chemistry: From Molecular Information to Function — Kontakt: 18.5.-20.5. Bristol/ Großbritannien Spring School in Colloid Science — Kontakt: Sam Hutton;; 19.5.-21.5. London/ Großbritannien Smoking Science Summit — Kontakt:; 19.5.-21.5. Rom/Italien Energy Storage World Forum — Kontakt:; 20.5.-22.5. Garda See/Italien International Symposium Frontiers in Polymer Science — Kontakt: Amy McCormac;; 22.5.-23.5. Kaneohe, Hawaii/USA Chemistry for a Sustainable Future — Kontakt: 25.5.-29.5. Kitashionbara/Japan International Conference on the Chemistry and Physics of the Transactinide Elements (TAN'15) — Kontakt: Masato Asai;; 27.5.-30.5. Grand Rapids, MI/USA ACS Central (CERM)/Great Lakes (GLRM) Regional Meeting — Kontakt: 31.5.-5.6. Easton, MA/USA Carbon Capture, Utilization & Storage — Kontakt: 31.5.-5.6. West Dover, VT/USA Microfluidics, Physics & Chemistry: Microscale Technology for Advancing and Translating Discovery — Kontakt: März 4.3.-6.3. Stuttgart German Liquid Crystal Conference / 42. Arbeitstagung Flüssigkristalle — Kontakt: 9.3.-11.3. Düsseldorf Energy Storage Europe — Kontakt: 9.3.-10.3. Ludwigshafen Science Symposium: Smart Energy for a Sustainable Future — Kontakt: 11.3.-.12.3. Garching Forum Life Science: Pharma Development, Food & Nutrition, Industrial Biotechnology — Kontakt: 11.3.-13.3. München Deutsches BioSensor Symposium — Kontakt: 12.3. Darmstadt Europäische Laborroboter Interessen Gemeinschaft Deutschland (ELRIG) Forum — Kontakt: 16.3.-18.3. Magdeburg Jahrestreffen der Fachgruppen Agglomerations- und Schüttguttechnik, Lebensmittelverfahrenstechnik mit Lebensmittelbiotechnologie, Grenzflächenbestimmte Systeme und Prozesse — Kontakt: Claudia Martz;; 17.3.-18.3. Berlin Drug Discovery Innovations — Kontakt: Stephanie Whitaker;; 18.3. Düsseldorf Arbeitstagung des Regionalverbandes NRW der Lebensmittelchemischen Gesellschaft — Kontakt: 18.3.-20.3. Magdeburg Jahrestreffen der Fachgruppen Kristallisation, Partikelmesstechnik, Zerkleinern & Klassieren — Kontakt: Claudia Martz;; 18.3.-19.3. Mannheim VDI Kunststoffe im Automobilbau — Kontakt: 19.3.-20.3. Lüneburg Jahrestreffen der Fachgruppen Computational Fluid Dynamics und Mehrphasenströmungen — Kontakt: Christopher Diaz Maceo;; 25.3.-27.3. Hamburg Congress of the EAHP: The hospital pharmacist's agenda: patient safety first — Kontakt:; 28.3.-1.4. Münster MUIMUN 2015: International Model United Nations — Kontakt: April 21.4.-22.4. Düsseldorf Handelsblatt Jahrestagung Chemie — Kontakt: http://veranstaltungen.handelsblatt. com/chemie/. 21.4.-22.4. Köln Industrial Phase-Transfer Catalysis — Kontakt: training/scheduled-training-courses/ details/254-Industrial%20Phase-Transfer%20Catalysis.html. 21.4.-22.4. Weimar BioMAT 2015 — Kontakt: 23.4.-24.4. Berlin Symposium Produktgestaltung in der Partikeltechnologie — Kontakt: 27.4. Frankfurt am Main Workshop Continuous Bioprocessing — Kontakt: Sabine Urbanczyk;; Contact-p-132635.html. 29.4.-30.4. Berlin Fraunhofer Energietage Konferenz — Kontakt:; Mai 5.5.-9.5. München IFAT 2014: Weltleitmesse für Wasser-, Abwasser-, Abfall- & Rohstoffwirtschaft — Kontakt: 6.5.-10.5. Heidelberg EMBO | EMBL Symposium: Non-coding Genome — Kontakt: Tim Nuernberger;;—01/. 11.5.-13.5. Hamburg Scale-up and scale-down of bioprocesses — Kontakt: 11.5.-13.5. Heidelberg EMBL Conference: Biology and Pathology of the Malaria Parasite — Kontakt:—01/index.html. 11.5.-13.5. Schwerin Wasser 2015 — Kontakt: