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März 2.3.-5.3. Udaipur/Indien Recent Advances and Current Trends in Chemical and Biological Sciences — Kontakt: 3.3.-8.3. Gramado/Brasilien International Conference on Particle Induced X-Ray Emission (PIXE 2013) — Kontakt: 4.3.-6.3. Kuala Lumpur/Malaysia Conference on Green Computing, Technology and Innovation (ICGCTI 2013) — Kontakt: 11.3.-14.3. Baltimore, MD/USA Biotherapeutics Analytical Summit — Kontakt: Kris Waterman;; 12.3.-12.3. New York, NY/USA The Good Fat: Understanding Adipogenesis and Function of Brown Fat — Kontakt:; 13.3.-14.3. London/ Großbritannien Imaging in Cancer Drug Development — Kontakt: Cem Tuna;; 18.3.-21.3. San Diego, CA/USA X-GEN Congress & Expo — Kontakt: Kris Waterman;; 19.3.-22.3. Sharjah/Vereinigte Arabische Emirate Advanced Electromagnetics Symposium (AES 203) — Kontakt:; 19.3.-20.3. Sheffield/ Großbritannien Chemistry at Work — Kontakt: Jackie Morton; 20.3.-22.3. San Francisco, CA/USA Biomarkers Summit — Kontakt: 21.3.-22.3. San Diego, CA/USA NGS for Drugs, Patients and Clinical Trials Conference — Kontakt: Kris Waterman;; 21.3.-22.3. San Francisco, CA/USA Ocular Diseases & Drug Development Conference — Kontakt: 22.3.-25.3. Kyoto/Japan Japan-UK Symposium on Chemical Biology — Kontakt: 24.3.-26.3. St. Andrews/ Großbritannien Sustainable Catalytic Conversions of Renewable Substrates (SuBiCAt I) — Kontakt: Nicholas Westwood;; 25.3.-28.3. Manchester/ Großbritannien Society for General Microbiology Spring Conference — Kontakt:; 26.3.-28.3. Jakarta/Indonesien Asia Choco Congress 2013 — Kontakt: Patricia Chong;; April 1.4.-5.4. San Francisco, CA/USA Materials Research Society Spring Meeting — Kontakt: 3.4.-5.4. Loughborough/ Großbritannien Annual Conference Co-ordinating Group for Environmental Radioactivity (COGER) — Kontakt: David Copplestone;; 7.4.-10.4. Birmingham/ Großbritannien British Toxicological Society Annual Meeting — Kontakt:; 7.4.-11.4. New Orleans, LA/USA ACS National Meeting & Exposition — Kontakt:; 7.4. New Orleans, LA/USA Advances in Green Chemistry — Kontakt:; 8.4.-9.4. Boston, MA/USA Medical Informatics World Conference — Kontakt: Kris Waterman;; 8.4.-12.4. Nairobi/Kenia Kenia Polytechnic University College Research & Technology Conference — Kontakt: Joseph Lalah;; 9.4.-11.4. Boston, MA/USA Bio-IT World Conference & Expo — Kontakt: Kris Waterman;; 10.4.-11.4. Boston, MA/USA Sample Prep and Target Enrichment in Molecular Diagnostics Conference — Kontakt: Kris Waterman;; 11.4.-12.4. Boston, MA/USA Molecular Pattern Recognition Receptors — Kontakt: Kris Waterman;; 15.4.-17.4. Nottingham/ Großbritannien Photo-initiated Quantum Molecular Dynamics — Kontakt:; 16.4.-17.4. Amsterdam/Niederlande Renewable Plastics Conference — Kontakt:; 16.4.-18.4. Antwerpen/Belgien LogiChem 2013 — Kontakt: 16.4.-18.4. London/Großbritannien TradeTech Europe 2013 — Kontakt: Laura Gordon;; 16.4.-18.4. San Diego, CA/USA Drug Discovery Chemistry — Kontakt: Kris Waterman;; 17.4.-18.4. Norwich/ Großbritannien Securing the Future Supply of Food: Challenges and Opportunities — Kontakt: Angela Winchester;; 22.4.-26.4. Bad Hofgastein/ Österreich International Symposium on Spin and Magnetic Field Effects in Chemistry and Related Phenomena (SCM2013) — Kontakt:; 22.4.-25.4. Krakau/Polen Cancer Immunotherapy and Immunomonitoring Conference — Kontakt: 25.4.-25.4. Lund/Schweden Organic Synthesis at Large Scale — Kontakt: David Gotthold;; 29.4.-30.4. Boston, MA/USA Stem Cell Summit — Kontakt: 29.4.-3.5. Boston, MA/USA The Essential Protein Engineering Summit (PEGS) — Kontakt: Kris Waterman;; Mai 5.5.-10.5. Les Diablerets/Schweiz Self-Assembly & Supramolecular Chemistry (GRC) — Kontakt: 6.5.-9.5. Hongkong/V. R. China Photonics of Functional Nanomaterials — Kontakt: Andrei Susha;; 7.5.-9.5. Marrakesch/Marrokko Symposium on Analytical Chemistry for Sustainable Development (ACSD 2013) and Federation of African Societies of Chemistry (FASC) congress — Kontakt: 8.5.-10.5. Boston, MA/USA Drug Design and Medicinal Chemistry Conference — Kontakt: 8.5.-10.5. Boston, MA/USA Orphan Drugs Research and Commercialization Conference — Kontakt: 9.5.-13.5. Grasmere/Großbritannien Heterocyclic & Synthesis Group Grasmere Meeting — Kontakt: Adrian Dobbs; 12.5.-15.5. Les Diablerets/Schweiz Superconductivity (GRC) — Kontakt: 12.5.-16.5. Porto/Portugal European Workshop on Modern Developments and Applications in Microbeam Analysis (EMAS 2013) — Kontakt: 12.5.-15.5. Sitges/Spanien International Conference on Bio-Sensing Technology — Kontakt: Sam Roythorne;; 12.5.-15.5. Tokio/Japan International Symposium on Acid-Base Catalysis (ABC-7) — Kontakt: Michikazu Hara;; 12.5.-16.5. Washington, DC/USA NanoTech 2013 — Kontakt: 13.5.-15.5. Edinburgh/ Großbritannien Modern Synthetic Methods & Chiral Europe: Reaction to Reality — Kontakt: Claire Francis;; 13.5.-15.5. London/Großbritannien Offshore Production Technology Summit — Kontakt: Richard Jones;; 13.5.-16.5. Peking/V. R. China Achemasia — Kontakt: 14.5.-17.5. Stevenage/ Großbritannien BioTherapeutics 2013 — Kontakt:; 15.5.-17.5. Bordeaux/Frankreich Electrochemistry in Nanoscience (ElecNano) — Kontakt: 16.5.-17.5. Edinburgh/ Großbritannien Problem Solving in Process R&D — Kontakt:; scheduled-courses.html. 17.5.-19.5. Leeds/Großbritannien Emerging Analytical Professionals: A Euro Vision, Analytical Science In Tune — Kontakt:; http:/ / 17.5.-19.5. Newtown/ Großbritannien European Symposium on Biological and Organic Chemistry — Kontakt: Timothy Bugg;; 17.5.-18.5. Okayama/Japan Symposium on Molecular Spectroscopy — Kontakt: 19.5.-23.5. Cambridge/ Großbritannien Advanced Level Workshop on PK/PD Data Analysis — Kontakt: Rachel Flower;; 19.5.-23.5. Mailand/Italien EuroMedLab: IFCC-EFLM European Congress on Clinical Chemistry & Laboratory Medicine; 45th Congress of the Italian Society of Clinical Biochemistry & Clinical Molecular Biology — Kontakt: Ferruccio Ceriotti;; 19.5.-24.5. Lucca/Italien Matrix Metalloproteinases: Crucial Components of Molecular Networks and Disease Pathways (GRC) — Kontakt: 20.4.-24.5. Peking/V. R. China Pharmaceutical Powder X-ray Diffraction Symposium (PPXRD-12) — Kontakt: 20.5.-23.5. Safety Harbor, FL/USA RSC-ACS Sustainable Polymers Conference — Kontakt: Lesia Linkous;; 21.5.-22.5. Buxted/Goßbritannien Scaling from Milligrams to 1—2kg: Making the First GMP Batch — Kontakt: Claire Francis;; 21.5.-24.5. La Rochelle/Frankreich International Symposium on Green Chemistry (ISGC-2) — Kontakt: 24.5.-26.5. Notre Dame, IN/USA Advances in Microfluidics & Nanofluidics — Kontakt: Belinda Thomson; thompson.; 26.5.-31.5. Les Diablerets/Schweiz Detecting Illicit Substances: Explosives & Drugs (GRC) — Kontakt: 27.5.-31.5. Straßburg/Frankreich European Materials Research Society (E-MRS) Spring Meeting — Kontakt: 28.5.-29.5. Barcelona/Spanien European Symposium on Clinical Laboratory and In Vitro Diagnostic Industry (ESCL-7) — Kontakt: Xavier Fuentes-Arderiu;; 29.5.-31.5. Halifax/Kanada Yeast Lipid Conference — Kontakt: 29.5.-30.5. Peking/V. R. China ChinaBio Partnering Forum — Kontakt: Tina Gunnink;; 29.5.-31.5. Sofia/Bulgarien Save the Planet: Conference and Exhibition on Waste Management, Recycling, Environment for South-East Europe — Kontakt: Maya Kristeva;; 29.5.-31.5. Sofia/Bulgarien SEE Congress & Exhibition on Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy (EE & RE) — Kontakt: Maya Kristeva;; März 2.3. Berlin Bildungskongress für technische Assistenten in den Life Sciences — Kontakt: Sabrina Teinz;; 4.3.-5.3. Frankfurt am Main Frühjahrstagung der Biotechnologen — Kontakt: Sabine Schneider;; 6.3.-7.3. Cottbus Jahrestreffen der Fachgruppen Gasreinigung und Partikelmesstechnik — Kontakt: Claudia Martz;; 6.3.-8.3. Karlsruhe Hochschulkurs Dispersionen und Emulsionen: Rheologie und Partikelgrößenbestimmung — Kontakt:; 6.3.-8.3. Köln Fatigue of Structures — Kontakt:; 9.3. Hamburg FameLab Hamburg: Wettbewerb für Wissenschaftskommunikation — Kontakt:; 11.3.-14.3. Erlangen Protein-Modellierung — Kontakt: 13.3.-14.3. Garching Internationaler Kongress mit Ausstellung “Forum Life Science 2013” — Kontakt:; 18.3.-19.3. Nürnberg European Coatings Congress — Kontakt: 20.3.-21.3. Aalen Technische Kunststoffe — Kontakt:; 21.3.-22.3. Berlin CO2 als Strahl- und Reinigungsmedium — Kontakt:; April 7.4.-12.4. Bayreuth International School on Aperiodic Crystals — Kontakt:; 8.4.-10.4. Leverkusen Computational Chemistry and Fluid Thermodynamics (COSMO-RS) workshop — Kontakt:; 11.4. Frankfurt am Main Herausforderungen in der Aufbereitungstechnik — Kontakt: Rolf Lenke;; 12.4.-13.4 Mannheim Offenes Degustations-Seminar “Erkennung der sensorischen Eigenschaften von nativen Olivenölen” — Kontakt: 15.4.-16.4. Stuttgart Quality by Design — Kontakt: 16.4. Frankfurt am Main Cyclovoltammetrie — Kontakt: 18.4. Frankfurt am Main Elektrochemische Reaktionstechnik — Kontakt: Rolf Lenke;; 18.4.-19.4 Frankfurt am Main Gentechnikrecht (Staatlich anerkannte Fortbildungsveranstaltung für Projektleiter und BBS gemäß § 15 GenTSV) — Kontakt: 23.4.-24.4. Frankfurt am Main 2nd Workshop: The new ParadIgM: IgM from Bench to Clinic — Kontakt: Claudia Martz;; 23.4.-24.4. Frankfurt am Main Anlagenschäden: Risiken erkennen und vermeiden — Kontakt: Andrea Köhl;; 23.-24.4. Köln 14. Handelsblatt Jahrestagung Chemie — Kontakt: Sandra Anceva,; Mai 6.5.-8.5. Bad Wildungen Effiziente Verfahren und Anlagen in der Bioverfahrenstechnik und Lebensmittelbiotechnologie — Kontakt: Nina Weingärtner;; 6.5.-8.5. Goslar Wasser 2013 — Kontakt:; 6.5.-8.5. Würzburg Jahrestreffen Reaktionstechnik — Kontakt:; 9.5.-11.5. Karlsruhe Bunsentagung — Kontakt: Kirsten Elsen;; 12.5.-16.5. Karlsruhe International Conference on Materials for Energy (EnMat II) — Kontakt: Claudia Martz;; 16.5. Frankfurt am Main Enzymatische Reaktionen für Chemiker — Kontakt: