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April 6.4.-10.4. San Francisco, CA/USA Materials Research Society Spring Meeting — Kontakt: 7.4.-10.4. Newcastle/ Großbritannien Peter Hoare's Revision Workshops — Kontakt: Peter Hoare;; 12.4.-15.4. Löwen/Belgien European Conference on Nonlinear Optical Spectroscopy (ECONOS 2015) — Kontakt: 12.4.-15.4. Vancouver/Kanada OSA Topical Meeting: Optics in the Life Sciences — Kontakt: congresses/optics_in_the_life_sciences/. 13.4.-14.5. Milton Keynes/ Großbritannien Comprehensive GC Hardware Training (Thermo TRACE GC) — Kontakt: Claire Wallis;; 14.4.-15.4. London/Großbritannien NSCCS Ionisation Masterclass Computing Molecular Photoionisation Processes — Kontakt: Alexandra Simperler;; 14.4.-17.4. Moskau/Russland Analitika 2015 — Kontakt: 15.4.-17.4. Ho-Chi-Minh-Stadt/ Vietnam Analytica Vietnam — Kontakt: 15.4.-16.4. Milton Keynes/ Großbritannien Comprehensive GC Software Training (Thermo Xcalibur) — Kontakt: Claire Wallis;; 19.4.-24.4. Pacific Grove, CA/USA Experimental Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Conference — Kontakt: 20.4.-25.4. Baltimore, MD/USA SPIE Defense, Security, and Sensing (SPIE DSS) — Kontakt: 20.4.-22.4. Noordwijkerhout/ Niederlande Food Feed Water Analysis (RME 2015) — Kontakt: 22.4.-24.4. Manchester/ Großbritannien Advances in Process Analytics & Control Technology (APACT 15) — Kontakt: 23.4.-24.4. Boston, MA/USA CMO Quality Oversight and Risk Management — Kontakt: Evan Ring; ering@; nagement-summit/. 23.4.-25.4. Peking/V. R. China China International Scientific Instrument and Laboratory Equipment Exhibition (CISILE 2015) — Kontakt: 23.4.-24.4. Rabat/Marokko Crystallography for the Next Generation The legacy of IYCr — Kontakt: 24.4.-28.4. Barcelona/Spanien ESTRO Forum — Kontakt: Sonia Marques;; 25.4.-28.4. Nanjing/V.R. China AnalytiX-2015: Meeting the Challenges of the Detection Limit — Kontakt: 25.4.-28.4. Rotterdam/ Niederlande Joint Meeting of European Calcified Tissue Society (ECTS) and the International Bone and Mineral Society (IBMS) — Kontakt:Kate Taylor;; 27.4.-30.4. Catania/Italien Technart: Non-destructive and Micro-analytical Techniques in Art and Cultural Heritage — Kontakt: 27.4.-30.4. Milton Keynes/ Großbritannien GC-MS Hands-on Sample Preparation — Kontakt:Claire Wallis;; 29.4.-30.4. Rom/Italien IdentiPlast 2015: International Conference on the Recycling & Recovery of Plastics — Kontakt: Mai 7.5.-8.5. Boston, MA/USA Clinical Trials Phase I & Phase IIA — Kontakt: Taryn ODonnell;; 7.5.-11.5. Grasemere/ Großbritannien Heterocyclic Conference — Kontakt: Adrian Dobbs;; 8.5.-10.5.Bristol/Großbritannien EAP 2015 Lighting the Way … For Analytical Scientists — Kontakt: Charlene Butler;; 10.5.-12.5. Las Condes/Chile Regional International Gynecologic Cancer Society Meeting — Kontakt: Joanne Katz;; 10.5.-13.5. Lissabon/Portugal International Conference on Bio-Sensing Technology — Kontakt: Abbee Pratten;; 10.5.-13.5. Santiago de Chile/Chile Latin American Pesticide Residue Workshop (LAPRW) — Kontakt: Roberto Becerra;; 11.5.-12.5. London/ Großbritannien Pharmacovigilance, Drug Safety and Risk Management — Kontakt: Teri Arri;; 12.5.-13.5. La Jolla, CA/USA LIPID MAPS Annual Meeting 2015: Lipidomics Impact on Cancer, Metabolomic, and Inflammatory Diseases — Kontakt: 12.5.-15.5. Lincoln, NE/USA World Forum on Advanced Materials (POLYCHAR 23) — Kontakt: Mehrdad Negahban;; 13.5.-14.5. Boston, MA/USA Annual Translational Microbiome Conference — Kontakt: John Waslif;; 15.5.-18.5. Schanghai/V. R. China The Health Industry Summit (tHIS) — Kontakt: Yi Pan,, 17.5.-22.5. Lille/Frankreich International Conference on Mechanics of Complex Solids and Fluids (ICMCSF) — Kontakt: Fahmi Zaïri;; 17.5.-21.5. Miami, Fl/USA Glass & Optical Materials Division and Deutsche Glastechnische Gesellschaft Joint Annual Meeting — Kontakt: 18.5.-19.5. London/Großbritannien Formulation and Drug Delivery Congress — Kontakt: Danielle Dalby;; 20.5.-21.5. San Diego, CA/USA Innovations in Drug Formulation and Delivery — Kontakt: Evan Ring;; 3rd-drug-formulation-bioavailability-west/. 26.5.-28.5. London/Großbritannien Pharmaceutical Dissolution Testing — a Hands-on course — Kontakt: Judy Callanan; info@pharma-training-courses. com; 27.5.-29.5. Prag/Tschechische Republik EFORT Congress — Kontakt: Vivien Lietze;; 28.5.-29.5. London/Großbritannien Stability Testing in Pharmaceutical Development and Manufacturing — Kontakt: Judy Callanan;; 30.5.-3.6. Reykjavik/Island The Nordic Lipid Forum Academy — Kontakt: 31.5.-5.6. New London, NH/USA Nuclear Chemistry: Confluence of Structure and Reactions — Kontakt: Juni 1.6.-2.6. Edinburgh/ Großbritannien Lipids and Health: Reward, Risk and Revelation — Kontakt: 1.6.-4.6. Wien/Österreich European Biomass Conference and Exhibition — Kontakt: Martina Querforth;; 2.6.-3.6. Chicago, IL/USA Multilayer Packaging Films — Kontakt: Amanda Schaeffer;; 3.6. Berkshire/Großbritannien Environmental Monitoring — Kontakt:; Environmental-Monitoring. 3.6.-6.6. Reykjavik/Island Nordic Lipidforum Symposium — Kontakt: 7.6.-12.6. Waltham, MA/USA Nanoscale Science & Engineering for Agriculture & Food Systems — Kontakt: 9.6.-11.6. London/Großbritannien Stem Cells: From Basic Research to Bioprocessing — Kontakt:; 10.6.-13.6. Ithaca, NY/USA ACS Northeast (NERM) Regional Meeting — Kontakt: 14.6.-18.6. Gargnano/Italien ISOS-2015: International Summer School on Organic Synthesis — Kontakt: Alessandra Puglisi;; 14.6.-19.6. New London, NH/USA High Throughput Chemistry & Chemical Biology — Kontakt: 15.6.-17.6. Pittsburgh, PA/USA American Chemical Society Colloid and Surface Science Symposium — Kontakt: Stephen Garoff;; Applications/meetinglocator/home.cfm ?loc=eventdetail&event_id=25899. 15.6.-18.6. Zürich/Schweiz ISACS 16: Challenges in Chemical Biology — Kontakt:; /events/detail/16445/isacs-16-challenges -in-chemical-biology. 16.6.-25.6. Albena/Bulgarien SGEM 2015 Geo Conference on Science and Technologies in Geology, Exploration and Mining — Kontakt:; 16.6.-25.6. Albena/Bulgarien SGEM 2015 Geo Conference on Informatics, Geoinformatics and Remote Sensing — Kontakt:, 16.6.-25.6. Albena/Bulgarien SGEM 2015 Geo Conference on Water Resources, Forest, Marine and Ocean Ecosystems — Kontakt:; 16.6.-25.6. Albena/Bulgarien SGEM 2015 Geo Conference on Energy and Clean Technologies — Kontakt:; php/sgem-topic/sgem-topics-energy. 16.6.-25.6. Albena/Bulgarien SGEM 2015 Geo Conference on Ecology, Economics, Education and Legislation — Kontakt:; 16.6.-25.6. Albena/Bulgarien SGEM 2015 Geo Conference on Nano-, Bio- and Green-Technologies for a Sustainable Future — Kontakt:; 16.6.-17.6. Paris/Frankreich Sustainable Oils & Fats International Congress (SOFIC 2015) — Kontakt: 16.6.-18.6. Prag/ Tschechische Republik Chemical Development & Scale-Up in the Fine Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries — Kontakt: Debbie Reeve;; 16.6.-19.6. Calgary/Kanada The Sasakatoon International Workshop on Validation and Regulatory Analysis — Kontakt: Christine Akre;; 17.6.-19.6. North Bethesda, MD/USA Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference (GC&E) — Kontakt: 21.6.-26.6. Biddeford, MD/USA Liquid Crystals - Kontakt: 21.6.-26.6. Hongkong/ V. R. China Neutron Scattering — Kontakt: 21.6.-26.6. Loughborough/ Großbritannien Medicinal Chemistry Residential School — Kontakt: Anne Horan; 21.6.-26.6. New London, NH/USA Three Dimensional Electron Microscopy - Kontakt: 21.6.-25.6. Paris/Frankreich IFCC-EFLM European Congress on Clinical Chemistry & Laboratory Medicine (EuroMedLab 2015) — Kontakt: Patrizia Sirtori;; 21.6.-25.6. Pocatello, ID/USA ACS Northwest (NORM) Regional Meeting — Kontakt: 22.6.-26.6. Olympic Valley, CA/USA Rare Earth Research Conference — Kontakt: 23.6.-25.6. London/Großbritannien The 2015 Alzheimer's Disease Congress — Kontakt:; 23.6.-26.6. Sevilla/Spanien Spanish Portuguese Japanese Organic Chemistry Symposium (7th SPJ-OCS) — Kontakt: Abel Ros;; 26.6.-30.6. Charkiw/Ukraine Modern Physical Chemistry for Advanced Materials — Kontakt: index.php. 28.6.-2.7. Barcelona/Spanien International Conference on Organometallic Chemistry Directed Towards Organic Synthesis (OMCOS-18) — Kontakt: Antonio Echavarren;; 28.6.-2.7. College Park, MD/USA National Organic Chemistry Symposium — Kontakt: 29.6.-30.6. Hyderabad/Indien World Congress on Biotechnology — Kontakt:; 29.6. London/Großbritannien Emerging Technologies Competition — Kontakt: Stephen McCarthy;; April 16.4. Rostock Chlor: Grundchemikalie und Bestandteil potenter Wirkstoffe — Kontakt: Rostock%29-p-131690.html. 20.4.-22.4. Bad Boll Electrics/Electronics Systems in Hybrid and Electric Vehicles and Electrical Energy Management — Kontakt: 21.4.-22.4. Berlin BMBF Status Conference “Technologies for Sustainability and Climate Protection — Chemical Processes and Use of CO2” — Kontakt: 21.4.-22.4. Dortmund Immissionsschutzrecht heute: Aktuelle Fragen zum BImSchG — Kontakt: 28.4. Ulm Chrom Forum — Kontakt: 29.4.-30.4. Goslar Aus den Hexenküchen der Material-wissenschaften — Kontakt: Mai 6.5.-8.5. Berlin Molecular Interactions — Kontakt: 6.5.-7.5. Mainz Pesticide Residues in Food- Kontakt: 7.5. Magdeburg Power-to-Chemicals — Kontakt: Magdeburg%29-p-131655.html. 17.5.-21.5. Wernigerode International Symposium on the Environmental Dimension of Antibiotic Resistance — Kontakt: 18.5.- 20.5. Berlin Biosimilars — Kontakt: Rose Vincent;; 28.5.-31.5. Frankfurt am Main Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Pathologie & 29. Tagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Zytologie — Kontakt: Juni 3.6.-6.6. Nürnberg Sensor & Test — Kontakt: 7.6.-11.6. Lübeck International Fischer Symposium (IFS) — Kontakt: 8.6.-20.6. Heidelberg EMBO Practical Course: Synthetic Biology in Action -Kontakt: Tim Nuernberger;; 9.6.-11.6. Köln Masterbatch: The International Conference & Exhibition for the Masterbatch Industry — Kontakt: 10.6.-12.6. Heidelberg EMBL Conference: The Human Microbiome — Kontakt:—01/index.html. 14.6.-17.6. Heidelberg EMBO:EMBL Symposium: Mechanisms of Neurodegeneration — Kontakt:—03/index.html. 15.6.-19.6. Frankfurt am Main Achema: Weltforum und 31. Internationale Leitmesse der Prozessindustrie — Kontakt: 21.6.-26.6. Dresden Congress of the European Polymer Federation (EPF-2015) — Kontakt: Brigitte Voit;; 21.6.-23.6. Heidelberg EMBO:EMBL Symposium: Enabling Technologies for Eukaryotic Synthetic Biology — Kontakt:—04/index.html. 22.6.-24.6. Frankfurt am Main World Congress and Expo on Applied Microbiology — Kontakt: