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Zn‐Organic Batteries for the Semi‐Hydrogenation of Biomass Aldehyderivatives and Concurrently Enhanced Power Output

Electricity generation and chemical productions are both critically important for the sustainable development of modern civilization. Here, a novel bifunctional Zn-organic battery has been established for the concurrent enhanced electricity output and semi-hydrogenations of a series of biomass aldehyderivatives, for the high value-added chemical syntheses. Among them, the typical Zn-furfural (FF) battery equipped with Cu foil-supported edge-enriched Cu nanosheets as cathodic electrocatalyst (Cu NS/Cu foil), provides a maximum current density and power density of 15 mA cm-2 and 2.00 mW cm-2, respectively, and in the meantime, produces high value product, furfural alcohol (FAL). The Cu NS/Cu foil catalyst exhibits excellent electrocatalytic performance of ~93.5% conversion ratio and ~93.1% selectivity for FF semi-hydrogenation by using H2O as H source, and shows impressive performance for various biomass aldehyderivatives semi-hydrogenation.

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