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Transition‐Linker Containing Detergents for Membrane Protein Studies

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It is pressing but still challenging to explore the structure and function of membrane proteins (MPs). One of the main obstacles lies in the limited availability of matched detergents in the handling of the specific MPs. We describe herein a new design of detergent by the incorporation of a transition linker between the hydrophilic head and the hydrophobic tail. This design allows a gradual change of hydrophobicity between outside and inside of micelles, in contrast to the abrupt switch in conventional detergents. Notably, many of these detergents assembled into micelles in smaller sizes while retaining the low critical micelle concentrations. Meanwhile, thermal stabilizing evaluation identified superior detergents for representative MPs, including G protein-coupled receptors and a transporter protein. Among them, selected detergent further improved the NMR study of MPs. We anticipate these optimal results would encourage future detergent expansion through the new remodeling on the traditional detergent scaffold.

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