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Synthesis of Mn(OH)(OCH3) As a Novel Precursor for 2D MnS‐Based Lithium‐ and Sodium‐Ion Battery Anode Materials

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Manganese sulfides (MnS) are particularly appealing electrode candidates for lithium/sodium-ion batteries , because of their low cost, wide availability, and environmental benignity. Herein, well-defined Mn(OH)(OCH 3 ) nanoflakes are  synthesized for the first time, whereby two-dimensional (2D) porous α-MnS and its composite with N, S co-doped carbon (α-MnS@NSC) are produced via the topologic sulfurization of Mn(OH)(OCH 3 ) or a Mn(OH)(OCH 3 )@polydopamine intermediate. The electrochemical lithium/sodium-storage properties of α-MnS are most likely governed by the conductivity, and thus can be significantly enhanced through integrating with conductive carbon coating. As a result, α-MnS@NSC outperforms the bare α-MnS and most of the reported MnS-based anodes, demonstrating the high reversible capacities (1275 mA h g -1 at 0.2 A g -1 for LIBs and 581 mA h g -1 at 0.1 A g -1 for SIB), great rate capability, and long cyclabilities. This work showcases both a novel strategy to fabricate 2D manganese-based compounds and a preferred architecture for high performance lithium/sodium-ion batteries.

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