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Synthesis of an Acidochromic and Nitroaromatic Responsive Hydrazone‐Linked Pillararene Framework by a Macrocycle‐To‐Framework Strategy

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A brightly emissive hydrazone-linked covalent polymer platform based on pillar[5]arene-derived building blocks has been developed for the optical sensing of acidic pH levels as well as nitroaromatic compounds. The macrocyclic acceptors play important roles in improving the sensing sensitivity and durability, thus providing valuable insight for the construction of versatile molecular platforms with innovative structures and designable functions.


Tailoring the properties of solid-state organic luminescent materials using a bottom-up design principle is highly desirable for many applications. Herein, we present a “macrocycle-to-framework” strategy to construct macrocycle-functionalized and hydrazone-linked functional organic polymers with bright yellowish-green luminescence and unique solvatochromism behaviors by the condensation of a diacylhydrazine-functionalized pillar[5]arene with tris(4-formylbiphenyl)amine. Outperforming their non-macrocycle-incorporated counterparts, the pillar[5]arene-containing materials display amplified sensitivity to acidic conditions with luminescent and colorimetric dual-modal patterns assisted by the enhanced intramolecular charge transfer (ICT), and exhibit satisfactory responsiveness to nitrobenzene compounds through rapid luminescence quenching with high selectivity and a low detection limit, where the sensing process proceeds through multiple dynamic quenching pathways.

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