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Selection of RNA‐Cleaving TNA Enzymes for Cellular Mg2+ Imaging

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Live-cell imaging: New RNA-cleaving TNA enzymes (TNAzymes) have been identified by in vitro selection. TNAzyme 17–22 catalyzes RNA cleavage with a k cat of 0.017 min−1 in the presence of Mg2+. The TNAzyme-based fluorescent sensor has a limit of detection of 0.35 mM and enables Mg2+ imaging in living cells.


Catalytic DNA-based fluorescent sensors have enabled cellular imaging of metal ions such as Mg2+. However, natural DNA is prone to nuclease-mediated degradation. Here, we report the in vitro selection of threose nucleic acid enzymes (TNAzymes) with RNA endonuclease activities. One such TNAzyme, T17–22, catalyzes a site-specific RNA cleavage reaction with a k cat of 0.017 min−1 and K M of 675 nM. A fluorescent sensor based on T17–22 responds to an increasing concentration of Mg2+ with a limit of detection at 0.35 mM. This TNAzyme-based sensor also allows cellular imaging of Mg2+. This work presents the first proof-of-concept demonstration of using a TNA catalyst in cellular metal ion imaging.

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