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Ru on Modified Carbon Submicrometric Spheres as Novel Catalysts for the Oxidative Cleavage of Oleic Acid with N‐Methylmorpholine‐N‐Oxide as Green Oxidizing Agent

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Oxidative cleavage of unsaturated fatty acids involves the rupture of carbon-carbon double bonds to produce carbonyl compounds of high added value. This reaction is mainly performed using homogenous catalysts which are pollutant and cannot be recovered while current heterogeneous catalysts display poor activity. To solve this issue, an active catalyst was prepared by impregnating Ru ions on carbon spheres synthesized by hydrothermal carbonization of a glucose solution. Carbon spheres were calcined under air atmosphere to create porosity and functionalized with polydopamine to improve their ability to complex Ru ions. The catalyst was fully characterized and completed the oxidative cleavage of oleic acid within 7 h of stirring at room temperature using NaIO4 as oxidizing agent. The addition of N-Methylmorpholine N-oxide, a green oxidizing agent, allowed >99% conversion in only 5 h. Therefore, it was possible to conceive an eco-friendly carbon catalyst for the valorization of oleic acid under mild conditions.

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