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Recent Advances in Perovskite Oxides Electrocatalysts: Ordered Perovskites, Cations Segregation and Exsolution

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Perovskite oxide electrocatalysts: This review provides a comprehensive survey of cations segregation and exsolution in perovskite oxide electrocatalysts, along with a detail discussion of various exsolution mechanisms of perovskite oxides. Furthermore, the crystal structure and the optimization strategies of ordered perovskite oxide are briefly demonstrated. The primary goal of this review is to promote and stimulate research interest in developing non-precious metal catalysts.


Perovskite oxides have been widely confirmed as a promising alternative to precious metals as catalysts for a wide range of environmental protection, energy storage, and conversion devices for their prominent intrinsic electrocatalytic activity, flexible structure, low cost, and easy synthesis. Since its discovery in 1839, perovskite oxide has been the subject of a considerable amount of systematic research in several exploring aspects (e. g., materials synthesis, component regulation, and catalytic properties). The above-mentioned findings have been extensively reviewed and consolidated in numerous publications. The heterogeneous catalytic performance of perovskite oxides has been significantly affected by their surface composition, electronic structure, and defect chemistry. This study places a focus on the crystal structure and structure regulation of ordered perovskite oxides. Moreover, the recent research progress in areas (e. g., perovskite surface element segregation, law of exsolution, and the mechanism of exsolution) is systematically reviewed. Furthermore, this study highlights potential future directions for the development of perovskite oxides.

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