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Recent Advancements in Metal‐catalysts Design for CO2/Epoxide Reactions

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Cyclic carbonates from CO2 and epoxides have been widely explored but late recent comprehension of mechanistic details disclosed the recent design of highly efficient systems.


Carbon dioxide utilization is considered an effective strategy to mitigate the carbon footprint of chemical industry. Among other uses, the incorporation of carbon dioxide into cyclic organic carbonates (COCs) and aliphatic polycarbonates (APCs) has received great attention in the field of homogeneous catalysis. After few decades of research activity, a wide range of metal-based catalytic systems has been reported to promote this reaction. Nonetheless, a better comprehension of the apparently simple reaction mechanism of such transformations has been reached only in recent years. This, in turn, allowed for the design of new catalytic systems guided by a clearer mechanistic picture. In this review, we present the most recent advancements in this field, distinguishing between catalysts for COCs and APCs production classified on the bases of their ligand structures.

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