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Practical Aspects of Converting Steel Mill Gases to Chemical Feedstocks

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This work provides insight into the design, operation, and performance of the gas treatment pilot plant at the Carbon2Chem® technical center. All unit operations required for synthesis gas production from coke oven gas, blast furnace gas, and basic oxygen furnace gas are described. Aspects of plant flexibility and industrial scale-up are discussed.


A key element in converting steel mill gases to chemical feedstocks is a thorough removal of contaminants. This paper summarizes important aspects of designing and operating the gas treatment pilot plant at the Carbon2Chem® technical center in Duisburg. Information is given on how synthesis gas for the production of methanol and ammonia is produced. The efficient purification and conditioning of the gases is demonstrated by way of example of ammonia synthesis. Measures for enhancing the flexibility of the pilot plant are explained and issues related to scale-up are discussed.

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