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Phosphinine Selenide: Noncovalent Interactions with Organoiodines and Elemental Iodine, and Reactivity towards Potassium Cyanide

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A phosphinine selenide has been characterized crystallographically for the first time in this work. The phosphorus heterocycle forms cocrystals with 1,4-diiodotetrafluorobenzene as well as an adduct with elemental iodine. Several types of non-bonding interactions could be detected, such as π-π stacking, hydrogen bonding, F−F− and Se−I contacts. The title compound can be used as an efficient selenium transfer reagent to form KSeCN from KCN. Read more about the story behind the cover in the Cover Profile and about the research itself (DOI: 10.1002/cplu.20200284).


Invited for this month's cover is the group of Prof. Dr. Christian Müller from Freie Universität Berlin, Germany. The cover picture shows a phosphinine selenide that interacts with organoiodines and halogens to form co-crystalline and charge-transfer adducts. More information can be found in the Research Article by Christian Müller and co-workers.

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