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Nopol Production Over Sn‐MCM‐41 Immobilized in a Wall‐Coated Microreactor using Formaldehyde Generated Ex‐Situ

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Nopol production was evaluated in a wall-coated microreactor with ex-situ generation of formaldehyde and compared with production in a batch reactor with in-situ formaldehyde generation. Nopol desorption was proposed as RDS in the kinetic model for the microreactor system and surface reaction has been observed as RDS for the reaction in the batch reactor.


The kinetic study of the synthesis of nopol from β-pinene and formaldehyde generated ex-situ was carried out in a continuous flow process using Sn-MCM-41 wall-coated microreactors of 1/8“ stainless steel tubes. The presence of Sn2+ and Sn4+ species was identified through XPS and TEM; the homogeneous distribution of tin on the support throughout the surface of the coating was verified by SEM analysis. Taylor flow regime and the kinetic control of the reaction were verified with hydrodynamic studies. A determination coefficient of 0.92 was obtained for the mathematical adjustment of the equation that described the reaction pathway obtained under the assumption of a dual-site Langmuir-Hinshelwood formalism with product desorption as the limiting step.

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