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Metabolic Tumor Imaging with Rapidly Signal‐Enhanced 1‐13C‐Pyruvate‐d3

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The metabolism of malignant cells differs significantly from that of healthy cells and thus, it is possible to perform metabolic imaging to reveal not only the exact location of a tumor, but also intratumoral areas of high metabolic activity. Herein, we demonstrate the feasibility of metabolic tumor imaging using signal-enhanced 1- 13 C-pyruvate-d 3 , which is rapidly enhanced via para-hydrogen, and thus, the signal is amplified by several orders of magnitudes in less than a minute. Using as a model, human melanoma xenografts injected with signal-enhanced 1- 13 C-pyruvate-d3, we show that the conversion of pyruvate into lactate can be monitored along with its kinetics, which could pave the way  for rapidly detecting and monitoring changes in tumor metabolism.

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