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Macrocycle‐Based Crystalline Supramolecular Assemblies Built with Intermolecular Charge‐Transfer Interactions

Synthetic macrocycles have worked as the principal tools for supramolecular chemistry, and also greatly extended the scope of organic charge transfer (CT) complexes as well as their practical value in solid state during the past few years. In this Minireview, we summarize the research progress on the macrocycles-based crystalline supramolecular assemblies primarily driven by intermolecular CT interactions (a.k.a. macrocycles-based crystalline CT assemblies, MCCAs for short), which are classified by their different types of donor-acceptor (D-A) constituent elements, including simplex macrocyclic hosts, heterogeneous macrocyclic hosts and host–guest D-A pairs. Particular attention will be focused on their diversiform functions and applications, as well as underlying CT mechanisms from the perspective of crystal engineering. Finally, the remaining challenges and prospects are outlined.

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