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Light‐ and Field‐Controlled Diffusion, Ejection, Flow and Collection of Liquid at a Nanoporous Liquid Crystal Membrane

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Three-dimensionally steered liquid transport at nanoporous liquid crystal polymer coatings is realized by sequential UV exposure and electric field application. UV induces through-thickness unidirectional liquid secretion. The subsequently applied electric field reallocates the ejected liquid to predesigned locations. Interestingly, UV-gated liquid transport is revealed, which dramatically decreases both threshold voltage and threshold frequency.


Liquid manipulation at solid surfaces has attracted plenty of interest yet most of them are limited to one or two direction(s), while transport in three dimensions is largely unexplored. Here, we demonstrate three-dimensionally steered dynamic liquid mobility at nanoporous liquid crystal polymer coatings. To this end, we orchestrate liquid motion via sequential triggers of light and/or electric field. Upon a primary flood exposure to UV light, liquid is ejected globally over the entire coating surfaces. We further reallocate the secreted liquid by applying a secondary electric field stimulus. By doing so, the liquid is transported and collected at pre-set positions as determined by the electrode positions. We further monitor this process in real-time and perform precise analysis. Interestingly, when applying those two triggers simultaneously, we discover a UV-gated liquid-release effect, which decreases threshold voltage as well as threshold frequency.

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