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Layered Oxide Cathodes Promoted by Crystal Regulation Strategies for Potassium‐Ion Batteries

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Transition metal (TM) layered oxides with rigid frameworks and two-dimensional ion diffusion pathways have been extensively studied in potassium-ion batteries. To improve their potassium storage properties, a series of crystal tuning strategies have been developed, including TM layer regulation, potassium and oxygen layers regulation, construction of hierarchical structure, air-stabilized TM layered oxides.


Layered oxide cathodes have demonstrated great potential for potassium-ion batteries (PIBs) on account of high reversible capacity, appropriate diffusion paths, and low cost. However, their electrochemical performance in PIBs is generally worse than that in lithium-ion batteries due to large structural changes and deformations during charging and discharging. To improve their potassium storage performance, a series of strategies have been developed in recent studies. In this review, we summarize the latest advancements in layered oxide cathodes for PIBs through different crystal regulation strategies, including transition metal layer doping, potassium content optimization, oxygen partial substitution, functional morphology construction and air stability improvement. Meanwhile, the relationship between the electrochemical properties and structural evolution of these modified cathodes is also investigated. In addition, the challenges and prospects of these layered oxide cathodes in PIBs are analyzed in detail, providing constructive insights for future applications of PIBs.

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