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Intranuclear Nanoribbons for Selective Killing of Osteosarcoma Cells

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Here we show intranuclear nanoribbons formed upon dephosphorylation of leucine-rich L- or D-phosphopentapeptide catalyzed by alkaline phosphatase (ALP) to selectively kill osteosarcoma cells. Being dephosphorylated by ALP, the peptides firstly transformed into micelles and then convert into nanoribbons. The peptides/assemblies firstly aggregate on cell membrane, then enter cells via endocytosis, and finally accumulate in nuclei (mainly in nucleoli). Proteomics analysis suggests that the assemblies interact with histone proteins. The peptides kill osteosarcoma cells rapidly, and are nontoxic to normal cells. Moreover, the repeated stimulation of the osteosarcoma cells by the peptides sensitizes the cancer cells rather than inducing resistance. This work not only illustrates a novel mechanism for nucleus-targeting, but also may lead a new way to selectively kill osteosarcoma cells and overcome drug resistance.

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