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In‐situ Lithiated SiO2 as Lithium‐Free Anode for Lithium‐Sulfur Batteries

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Safe dendrite-free lithium batteries: Metallic lithium anode shows road map to the next generation high energy density lithium batteries. Nevertheless, notorious Li dendrite formation, volume fluctuations, and rapid pulverization during electrochemical cycling processes are the major challenges. In this context here, used SiO2 coated carbon cloth as an interlayer to control lithium dendrite formation. The robust interlayer is not only capable of controlling the volume change during the stripping/platting process but also suppresses the lithium dendrite growth leading to a free lithium path which is a great advantage.


Lithium-sulfur (Li−S) batteries are attractive owing to their high energy density and cost-effectiveness. However, the practical application of Li−S batteries is hindered by uncontrollable lithium dendrite growth and severe polysulfide shuttling during cycling. Here, we fabricated 100 nm thin SiO2 decorated on carbon cloth (SiO2@CC). It is observed that in-situ lithiation of SiO2 forms a highly lithiophilic Li x SiO y layer over SiO2 which further acts as an efficient host for dendrite-free lithium metal deposition. So lithiated SiO2@CC shows high affinity for homogenous growth of Li while the carbon fibers control the volume change during the deposition/stripping process. Hence, the synergistic effect of Li x SiO y layer and carbon cloth (CC) effectively suppresses dendritic Li growth. As a result, the symmetric cell exhibits an ultra-stable cycling performance over 1000 h with a low overpotential of <25 mV even at a high current density of 1 mA cm−2. Further, the lithiated SiO2@CC is used as a lithium metal-free anode (also a flexible electrode) for Li−S battery, which exhibits a stable capacity of 800 mAh g−1 over 500 cycles due to its unique structural properties. This work offers new insights and paves the way for developing dendrite-free, high-performance Li−S battery technology.

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