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Highly Active and Efficient Cu@SiO2 Catalyst: Enabled Nucleophilic and Electrophilic Activation of Active Methylene Compounds

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The utility of copper is strikingly afforded due to the variable oxidation state being widely used in various organic reactions. The copper-catalyzed C-C bond formation with active methylene compounds is a straightforward approach with widespread uses in synthetic organic chemistry. A significantly lower amount of Cu-supported SiO 2 catalyst was synthesized through sol-gel method. The microscopy analysis reveals the formation of spherical morphology and the uniform distribution of Cu nanoparticles of 2.5 nm size. Furthermore, copper was found in Cu +2 state by XPS analysis. The NH 3 -TPD analysis estimated the 0.092 mmol/g acidic sites. The synthesized multifunctional catalyst was used for gabapentin intermediates through a series of active methylene compounds through tandem organic reactions. The catalyst gave excellent conversion (99%) and selectivity (99%) of the desired product. The catalyst was found to be highly stable and recycled for six cycles without losing any activity and selectivity to the reaction product.

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