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High‐Areal Density Single‐Atoms/Metal Oxide Nanosheets: A Micro‐Gas Blasting Synthesis and Superior Catalytic Properties

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The two-dimensional nanosheets are conducive to not only endow opened surfaces for loading active metal atoms but also boost the mass transfer for the heterogeneous reactions. The challenge is how to load and stabilize single-atoms on nanosheets in high-areal densities. This work reports an efficient micro-gas blasting (MGB) strategy to access versatile noble metal single-atoms/metal oxide nanosheets, including Ir 1 /CoO x , Pd 1 /CeO 2 , etc . Especially for Pt/CeO 2 nanosheets (Pt 1 /CeO 2 -S), the Pt loading is increased to 15 at%. The Pt 1 /CeO 2 -S catalysts from MGB are revealed to possess superior reactivity and tolerance in the model reaction of water-gas shift (WGS). The Pt 1 /CeO 2 -S catalyst exhibit 2-3 times reactivity that of their thicker counterpart, single-atom Pt 1 /CeO 2 microspheric catalyst. Moreover, the single-atom sites in Pt 1 /CeO 2 -S (1-10%) catalysts are stable in a harsh WGS reaction condition of 10 % CO. This work thus paves a way to access the practical single-atom catalysts.

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