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Gold Nanomaterials and their Composites as Electrochemical Sensing Platforms for Nitrite Detection

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Nitrite is one of the abundant toxic components existing in the environment and is likely to have a great potential to affect human health badly. For that reason, it has become crucial to build a reliable nitrite detection method. In recent years, several nitrite monitoring systems have been proposed. Compared with traditional analytical strategies, the electrochemical approach has a bunch of advantages, including low cost, rapid response, easy operation, simplicity, etc. In this case, noble metal nanomaterials, especially Au-based nanomaterials, have attracted attention in electrode modification because of higher catalytic activity, facile mass transfer, and broad active area for determining nitrite. This review is based on the state-of-the-art, which includes a variety of nanomaterials that have been coupled with AuNPs for the creation of nanocomposites, and the construction as well as development of electrochemical sensors for nitrite detection over the last few years (2016–2022). A background study on synthesizing different morphological AuNPs and nanocomposites has also been introduced. The fabrication methods and sensing capabilities of modified electrodes are given special consideration.

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