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Front Cover: From Textile Coloring to Light‐emitting Electrochemical Devices: Upcycling of the Isoviolanthrone Vat Dye (Chem. Asian J. 6/2023)

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Produced at a ton scale for textile industries, vat dyes have a significant environmental impact as they are considered major water contaminants. Hence, as a contribution to the current ecological transition, we demonstrate the valorization/upcycling of wastewaters, generated during the staining process, through the functionalization and use of the reduced (leuco) form of a vat dye, namely, violet 10, also known as isoviolanthrone. The resulting readily soluble large π-conjugated platform was indeed successfully embedded in light-emitting electrochemical cells as active material. More information can be found in the Research Article by Clément Cabanetos, Dominik Lungerich, Pierre Josse, Eunkyoung Kim et al.

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