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Fe‐NiS Nanorod Encapsulated in Ce‐doped NiOx Shell for Oxygen Evolution Reaction

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Rare earth (RE) elements are promising to improve the property of catalysts due to their distinctive 4f electron orbital. Herein, a heterogeneous material of Fe-NiS nanorods encapsulated in Ce-doped NiO x with 3D core-shell structure (Fe-NiS@NiCeO x ) was constructed on carbon cloth (CC) through a straightforward solvothermal reaction and a subsequent electrodeposition for enhancing the electrocatalytic performance towards oxygen evolution reaction (OER) in alkaline medium. The strategy facilitates a synergy among the components, including an enlarged electrochemical active area of Fe-NiS by the involvement of Fe, a speeded up charges transfer between Ni(II) and Ni(III) by Ce-doping and an ameliorated durability of Fe-NiS nanorod by encapsulated in NiCeO x shell. Furthermore, a flexible valence alternation between Ce(III) and Ce(IV) speeds up the charges transfer between Ni(II) and Ni(III).  In 1.0 mol L -1 KOH, the Fe-NiS@NiCeO x /CC electrode shows the lowest overpotential of 230 mV to achieve the current density of 50 mA cm -2 , the smallest Tafel slope of 63 mV dec -1 and a superior durability with only a potential fluctuation of 0.01 V on a chronopotentiometry curve within 24 h. Further research suggests that Fe-NiS@NiCeO x /CC exhibits the best performance of the three as-fabricated Fe-NiS@NiREO x /CC (RE = Ce, La, Pr) catalysts.

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