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Experimental Validation of Methanol Synthesis from Steel Mill Gases Using a Miniplant Setup

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In this work, the data acquired during an experimental campaign using a miniplant setup including recycle loop and an adiabatic quench bed reactor was used to validate a simulation model over a wide range of process working parameters at an operating time exceeding 1300 h time on stream. The validated model will be used for process scale-up and optimization in future work.


Utilization of the gas streams generated by the iron- and steel-making industry for the synthesis of synthetic fuels or chemicals is a promising way to kickstart a technical carbon cycle. Methanol synthesis from cleaned blast furnace gas is a challenge for process design and operation due to high inert gas contents and fluctuations in the gas supply. In this work, a miniplant setup with an adiabatic quench bed reactor was operated with cleaned blast furnace gas over a wide range of process conditions. The experimental data obtained were used to validate a simulation model of the miniplant setup with the perspective for an optimization of the process operational parameters. A high agreement between experimental and simulation data could be obtained, validating the applicability of the simulation approach presented in this work.

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