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Conjugating Coumarin with Tetraphenylethylene to Achieve Dual‐State Emission for Reversible Mechanofluorochromism and Live Cell Imaging

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Dual-state emission luminogens (DSEgens) are receiving research interest in the construction of multifunctional materials due to their inherent advantage of high emission efficiency in both the molecularly dispersed solution state and the solid state. However, it remains challenging in synthesizing DSEgens via a delicate manipulation of the molecular structures. This work presents an example of synthesizing bright DSEgens by tuning the molecular electronic structures and conformations. Three coumarin-tetraphenylethylene (TPE) molecules with a donor-acceptor electronic structure and highly twisting conformations have been synthesized. While compound resulting from direct conjugation of coumarin with a TPE unit shows aggregation-induced emission, compound with an N,N-diaminoethyl modification on the 7-position of coumarin and compound with a further phenyl linker between coumarin and TPE units feature strong dual-state emission. Benefiting from their strong solid emission and twisting conformation, these fluorophores display reversible mechanofluorochromism. Finally, applications for rewritable information storage in the solid state and live-cell imaging in the solution state were demonstrated.

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