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Competitive Photoisomerization and Energy Transfer Processes in Fluorescent Multichromophoric Systems

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Multichromophoric systems showing both fluorescence and photoisomerization are fascinating, with complex interchromophoric interactions. The experimental and theoretical study of a series of compounds, bearing a variable number of 4-dicyanomethylene-2- tert -butyl-6-( p -( N -(2-azidoethyl)- N -methyl) aminostyryl)-4H-pyran (DCM) units are reported. The photophysical properties of multi-DCM derivatives, namely 2DCM and 3DCM , were compared to the single model azido-functionalized DCM , in the E and Z isomers. The ( EE )- 2DCM and ( EEE )- 3DCM were synthesized via the click reaction. Steady-state spectroscopy and photokinetics experiments under UV or visible irradiation indicated the presence of intramolecular energy transfer processes among the DCM units. Homo- and hetero-energy transfer processes between adjacent chromophores were confirmed by fluorescence anisotropy and decays. Molecular dynamics simulations for 2DCM were carried out and analyzed using a Markov state model, providing geometrical parameters (orientation and distance between chromophores) and energy transfer efficiency. This work contributes to a better understanding and rationalization of multiple energy transfer processes occuring within multichromophoric systems.

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