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Chemoselective Coupling of π‐Systems to Access Metallated 1,4‐ or 1,5‐Skipped Dienes in Multicomponent Reactions

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Integrating distinct unsaturated C–C systems while simultaneously installing metallic groups has been significantly challenging to execute in a multicomponent reaction. Therefore, designing a suitable mechanistic pathway that provides the required reactivity and selectivity for target C–C bonds with metallic reagents to ensure successful coupling is the key to success. Copper-catalyzed borylallylation and silylallylation have emerged as the most efficient strategies for assembling borylated/silylated skipped (1,4 or 1,5) dienes by catalytically combining an organocopper intermediate with allyl electrophiles. However, reactions involving interelemental reagents (e.g., [Si]–[B]) to accomplish intermolecular atom-economic couplings have not been studied thoroughly. Therefore, to aid the development of new transformations in this research area, we attempted to include all precedents, including our recent studies. The present Concept article may be extremely useful for researchers working in this area as it provides a strong conceptual framework.

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