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CeO2 nanorod@NiPhy core‐shell catalyst for methane dry reforming: effect of simultaneous sintering prevention of CeO2 support and active Ni

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Preventing the sintering of nano-catalyst is crucial to maintain their performance especially for high-temperature reactions such as CO 2 reforming of methane (DRM) reaction. In this paper, we design CeO 2 nanorod@Ni phyllosilicate (CeO 2 @NiPhy) catalysts with different NiPhy shell thickness to simultaneously preserve the morphology of CeO 2 nanorod and prevent the sintering of Ni. Compared with Ni/CeO 2 supported catalyst, CeO 2 @NiPhy core-shell catalyst with a shell thickness of 9 nm exhibits much better performance for DRM with stable CH 4 and CO 2 conversions of 75% and 80% respectively and lower carbon deposition due to high Ni sintering resistance and higher thermal stability of CeO 2 during calcination and DRM reaction thereby higher oxygen vacancies concentration. In-situ diffuse reflectance infrared Fourier transform spectra result demonstrates that DRM reaction takes place with a bi-functional mechanism on CeO 2 @NiPhy. This design strategy can be applied to prepare other nano-catalysts with high sintering resistance of both active metal and catalyst support for high-temperature applications.

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