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Adsorption of Dyes from Wastewater: A Comprehensive Review

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Adsorbents are an efficient way to remove industrial contaminants such as dyes from wastewater. This review focuses on the many types of adsorbents, their applications, isotherms, and the various variables that influence them. The paper also discusses the importance of research in the field of green bio-sorbents.


Because of their ubiquitous industrial usage, dyes are significant water pollutants. Adsorption is an effective method for eliminating colors from tainted water. In the twenty-first century, industrialization is growing at a dizzying rate. During this stage, more noble colors and dyes are used. These hues contribute to a wide range of contaminants, including water, soil, and air pollution. The objective of this report is just to discuss the chemical and bio-based adsorbents used to remove various types of industrial dyes. Several adsorption isotherm assumptions and mathematical formulations were investigated. The effect of a variety of factors on adsorption phenomena is addressed.

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