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Since 1978 China has been actively eager to learn from the developed world through dispatching students and encouraging scientific collaborations. For the past 40 years now, the China story is a big success: not only for becoming a world economy power, but also for great advancements in chemical sciences. I made a simple “Web of Science” search for “China” appearing in “Address” on the yearly publications in the International Edition of Angewandte Chemie. For the year 2000, I found 22 hits representing about 2 % of the total, and for 2019, I got 1283 hits, or 39 %. Most of Chinese chemists have oversea trainings including many in Germany. For myself, I spent eleven years in Belgium and my fluent French often surprised my colleagues.

In 2004 GDCh sent a delegation to Beijing. This was the first official visit of a national chemical society from a developed country to China. Prof. Chunli Bai, the President of the Chinese Chemical Society (CCS), had received the delegation with enthusiasm, and the first bilateral memorandum of understanding has been signed by the two Presidents. Then CCS and GDCh have co-organized bilateral symposia for young chemists on “Frontiers of Chemist

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