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Nachrichten aus der Chemie: For Echa, 2010 will be the most important year ever. The first registration deadlines are nearing: are you on schedule?

Geert Dancet: You are right, it's a challenging year for us, but so far, the agency is on schedule. We don't know whether the industry is on schedule or not — that is the greater uncertainty. But we are proceeding according to plan.

Nachrichten: What do you expect industry to do within the next few months?

Dancet: That's relatively clear. We want industry to register their substances on time, with dossiers that are as complete as possible. That's why, as we have been saying right along, we expect the SIEF, the Substance Information Exchance Forum, to register as lead registrant — not too close to the deadline, so we can check their dossier first.

Nachrichten: Do you think that it is now understood how urgent this is?

Dancet: Yes. I believe industry really understands the urgency here and that their lead registrants should best register during the summer. And for us it is equally important — nowadays perhaps even more important — that the CLP notification is quite well understood.



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