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Opinion: The Future of Publishing

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In thinking about how all the various options play into the future of scientific publications, a number of thought-provoking questions inevitably arise: Will there be a role for traditional publishing houses and associated journals publications in the future? How will quality be assured, and authenticity guaranteed? What is the future of peer review? Is there a need for multiple publishers? What role do developments in artificial intelligence play?

It has been commonplace to hear the stories of businesses and business models highlighted because they ceased to exist. Because they failed to evolve with the times, they were relegated to the trash bin of business history. Among the classics often quoted is Blockbuster Video, the video rental outlet everyone in my generation in the USA flocked to for entertainment in the closing decades of the 20th century. Blockbuster and other similar video outlets aimed to provide unfettered access to a large number of movies – the more the merrier, and the rental outlet offered no curation of content. The decline of Blockbuster is often attributed to the rise of Netflix, but while Netflix is famous for bringing video streaming into people’

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