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We are very pleased to welcome Dr. Tom Kinzel, who took up his position at the office of the German Chemical Society today. Tom Kinzel will take over the position of GDCh’s Executive Director on August 1. He will succeed Prof. Wolfram Koch, who will retire on July 31 after more than 25 years of service to the GDCh. The designated Executive Director was welcomed by Wolfram Koch and the group of department heads.
Tom Kinzel (5th from left) was welcomed by Wolfram Koch (4th from left) and the group of department heads. (from left to right: Christian Remenyi, Volker Kilz, Karin J. Schmitz, Wolfram Koch, Tom Kinzel, Hans-Georg Weinig, Maximilian Bräutigam)

Tom Kinzel, PhD, MBA Kinzel studied chemistry in Göttingen and completed his doctorate there in the field of organic chemistry. After a post-doctoral stay at MIT in Cambridge/USA, he began his professional career as a laboratory manager at Bayer Pharma in Wuppertal in 2011. After several professional positions, he headed the Open Innovation Centers China and Europe, which are responsible for alliances and collaborations with external partners. In 2022, he moved to Nuvisan ICB, a company that conducts research on new drugs on behalf of the pharmaceutical industry, where he headed the Services department within the Life Science Chemistry Division. In 2023, he also completed an EMBA degree at HEC Paris.

We warmly welcome Tom Kinzel and wish him a good start at the GDCh. We look forward to shaping the journey into the future of the GDCh together with him.
Tom Kinzel (bottom row, 2nd from left) in the group of several GDCh employees.


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