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“Luck kick‐started my career”

Nachrichten aus der Chemie, Juni 2024, Seite 94, DOI, PDF. Login für Volltextzugriff.

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My biggest privilege as a scientist is that Society considers it’s worth spending public funds on the search for ever-deeper truths about the way things are.

The biggest surprise of my career as a researcher was the serendipitous discovery of a catenane when trying to form a macrocycle designed to bind to CO2.1) That piece of pure luck kick-started my independent academic career. There’s been a lot more luck along the way, especially in terms of the young researchers who’ve chosen to pass through my lab.

I studied chemistry because I had a terrific High School teacher, Dave Clarke. He captured my imagination and made chemistry exciting and fun.

Which is the secret of your biggest success as a researcher? Empowering young people and trying to give them what they need to do something great – environment, challenges, inspiration, support.

A talent I’d like to have is better time management.

This is the ideal morning for me: Discovering that email is down globally.

The best advice I ever got is: In my 2012 Angewandte Chemie Profile I answered a similar


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