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Wall Layer Formation in Continuously Operated Tubular Reactors for Free‐Radical Polymerizations

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Polymer fouling is a serious issue with continuous reactor operation. This paper presents a CFD model that describes the buildup of a wall layer. Reaction kinetics, a viscosity model, and a new transport model have been derived. Experimental results in capillary reactors in a broad range of concentrations are used to validate the model predictions.<


Polymer fouling is a major problem for the operation of continuous reactors. Therefore, it is important to understand and quantitatively describe the mechanisms leading to formation of fouling deposits. In this work, a CFD model for the radical polymerization of N-vinylpyrrolidone is presented, where the reaction kinetics, a viscosity model, and a transport model for polymer moments are determined from independent experiments. The model is compared to experimental obtained residence time distributions in capillary reactors over a wide range of concentrations. Model predictions are in good agreement with experimental findings.

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