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Volatiles of the apicomplexan alga Chromera velia and associated bacteria

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Volatiles released by the apicomplexan alga Chromera velia CCAP1602/1 and their associated bacteria were investigated. A metagenome analysis allowed the identification of the most abundant heterotrophic bacteria of the phycosphere, but the isolation of additional strains showed that metagenomics underestimated the complexity of the algal microbiome, However, the culture-independent approach revealed the presence of a planctomycete that likely represents a novel bacterial family. Wwe analysed algal and bascterial volatiles by open-system-stripping analysis (OSSA) on Tenax TA desorption tubes, followed by thermodesorption, cryofocusing and GC/MS-analysis. The analyses of the alga and the abundant bacterial strains Sphingopyxis litoris A01A-101, Algihabitans albus A01A-324, “ Coraliitalea coralii ” A01A-333 and Litoreibacter sp. A01A-347 revealed sulfur- and nitrogen-containing compounds, ketones, alcohols, aldehydes, aromatic compounds, amides, one lactone, as well as typical algal products, apocarotenoids. The compounds were identified by gas chromatographic retention indices, comparison of mass spectra and syntheses of reference compounds. A major algal metabolite was 3,4,4-trimethylcyclopent-2-en-1-one, an apocarotenoid indicating the presence of carotenoids related to capsanthin, not reported from algae so far. A low overlap in volatiles bouquets between C. velia and the bacteria was found and the xenic algal culture almost exclusively released algal components.

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