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Ultra‐long Near‐infrared Repeatable Photochemical Afterglow Mediated by Reversible Storage of Singlet Oxygen for Information Encryption

Photochemical afterglow systems have drawn considerable attention in recent years due to their regulable photophysical properties and charming application potential. However, conventional photochemical afterglow suffered from its unrepeatability due to the consumption of energy cache units as afterglow photons are emitted. Here we report a novel strategy to realize repeatable photochemical afterglow (RPA) through the reversible storage of 1O2 by 2-pyridones. Near-infrared afterglow with a lifetime over 10 s is achieved, and its initial intensity shows no significant reduction over 50 excitation cycles. A detailed mechanism study was conducted and confirmed the RPA is realized through the singlet oxygen-sensitized fluorescence emission. Furthermore, the generality of this strategy is demonstrated and tunable afterglow lifetimes and colors are achieved by rational design. The developed RPA is further applied for attacker-misleading information encryption, presenting a repeatable-readout.

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