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Ultra‐fast One‐Handed Helix Induction and Its Static Helicity Memory in a Poly(biphenylylacetylene) with a Catalytic Amount of Chiral Ammonium Salts

We report an ultra-fast helix induction and subsequent static helicity memory in poly(biphenylylacetylene) (PBPA-A) assisted by a catalytic amount of nonracemic ammonium salts comprised of non-coordinating tetrakis[3,5-bis(trifluoromethyl)phenyl]borate (BArF–) as a counter anion. The remarkable acceleration of the helix-induction rate in PBPA-A accompanied by the significant amplification of the asymmetry relies on the two methoxymethoxy groups of the biphenyl pendants, which can gain access to enfold the chiral ammoniums in a crown-ether manner in specific aromatic solvents, leading to ultra-fast helicity induction, which is completed within 30 sec. In aromatic solvents, helicity memory is lost rapidly, but is quite stable in long-chain hydrocarbons. The best use of specific solvents for helicity induction and static helicity memory, respectively, provides a highly sensitive chirality sensing system toward a small amount of chiral amines and amino acids when complexed with BArF–.

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