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Thiacalixarene Appended Azo‐based Supramolecular Systems: Self‐assembly and Photo Tuning Reversible Liquid Crystalline Properties

Reversibly photoswitchable bowl-shaped supramolecular systems for thermally stable columnar phase with self-assembly and reversible liquid crystalline properties are reported.


Four new azo-based supramolecular materials containing thiacalixarene core substituted by variable alkoxy groups (TFA1 TFA4 ) have been designed and synthesized for the mesomorphic and photoswitching properties. The liquid crystalline behavior were accomplished by using DSC, POM, and XRD studies. All azo-based thiacalixarene based materials with short and higher chain length display columnar hexagonal mesophase with broad temperature range. The thermal behavior of all the materials was investigated by DSC and TGA study. The structural and conformational study of the lower rim functionalized materials was confirmed by using different techniques. These thiacalixarene moulded liquid crystalline compounds shows columnar self-assembly type behavior and higher thermal stability. The introduction of bi-substituted azo-ester network towards the lower rim of thiacalixarene core has impact on the electron delocalization and liquid crystalline properties. The photoswitching properties suggested cis and trans azo-isomerization under radiation of UV light and higher thermal back relaxation time. The mesogenic behaviour of compound TFA2 and TFA4 were demolished by the influence of cis and trans isomerization. The structure-property correlation is studied to understand the variation in mesogenic properties with the substitution of variable alkoxy side chain.

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