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The synthesis and functionalization of metal organic frameworks and their applications for the selective separation of proteins/peptides

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Recently, proteins separation has drawn great interest for the full investigation of a proteome because the proteins separation is the precondition when conducting clinical research or proteomics research. Metal organic frameworks (MOFs) are fabricated via covalent connection between organic ligands and metal ions/clusters units. MOFs have attracted much attention due to the ultra-high specific surface area, tunable structure, more metal site or unsaturated site, and chemical stability. Over the past decade, different functionalization types of MOFs have been reported in combination with amino acids, nucleic acids, proteins, polymers, and nanoparticles for various applications. In this review, the synthesis and functionalization of MOFs have been thoroughly discussed, and we introduced the existing problems and development trends in these fields. Furthermore, MOFs as advanced adsorbents for selective separation of proteins/peptides are summarized. Additionally, we present a comprehensive prospects and challenges in the preparation of robust functional MOFs-based adsorbents and make a final outlook on their future development prospects in selective separation of proteins/peptides. Graphical abstract Zum Volltext

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