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Synthesis of Azoxy Compounds: from Copper Compounds to Mesoporous Silica‐Encaged Ultrasmall Copper Catalysts

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Azoxy compounds have aroused extensive attention due to their unique biological activities, but the chemical synthesis of these compounds often suffers from limitations for their requirement for stoichiometric oxidants, high costs, and restricted substrate range. Herein, a series of azoxy compounds were constructed via facile coupling reactions by using cost-effective N-methoxyformamide and nitroso compounds over Cu-based catalysts, affording high product yields with excellent tolerance of functional groups. Significantly, the mesoporous silica nanosphere-encapsulated ultrasmall Cu (Cu@MSN) catalyst was developed via a one-pot synthetic method and first used for the synthesis of azoxy compounds. As compared with copper salt catalysts, the Cu@MSN catalyst exhibited remarkably enhanced catalytic activity and superior recycling stability. Such a Cu@MSN catalyst overcame the inherent drawbacks of low activity, fast deactivation, and difficult recycling of traditional metal salt catalysts in organic reactions. This work provides a green and efficient method for the construction of azoxy compounds and also creates new prospects for the application of nanoporous materials confined metal catalysts in organic synthesis.

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