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Study of ZnO‐coated Modified Hollow Microsphere Insulation Coated Fabrics

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A simple composite microsphere of ZnO/TEMs for insulating textiles was developed, and the synergistic effect of the composite microsphere improved the performance of ZnO and TEMs as well as the thermal insulation properties of the fabric.


In this study, new ZnO/TEMs composites were prepared using the electrostatic gravitational method, which combines the high reflectivity of ZnO with the low thermal conductivity of TEMs to create materials with excellent thermal insulation and heat preservation properties. The initial test results indicate that the ZnO-coated TEMs are effective in blocking thermal radiation from sunlight, with thermal conductivity of 0.0523 W/m ⋅ K for the ZnO/TEMs microsphere coating. In addition, the internal and external temperature difference of ZnO/TEM-C 1200 is 7 °C lower than that of cotton fabric under an optical power of 350 mW/cm2. Moreover, the ZnO/TEM-C 1200 has a UPF value of up to 1894 and a total solar reflectance of 81.40 % in the 200–2500 nm wavelength range. These findings demonstrate the potential of ZnO/TEMs composites for use in thermal insulation and UV protection applications.

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