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Static and Dynamic Magnetic Properties of a Co(II)‐Complex with N2O2 Donor Set – A Theoretical and Experimental Study

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The Front Cover shows a Co(II) ion that is actually chelated by two monoanionic sulfur-containing Schiff base ligands. Each ligand contributes with a nitrogen and an oxygen atom to form the illustrated pseudo-tetrahedral coordination. A magnetic field prevents spin transversal by quantum tunnelling at very low temperature, since the spin transversal is connected to a Zeeman energy difference that needs to be compensated by energy from quantized atomic movements. At higher temperatures, the local anisotropy due to the strong orbital momentum mixing to the spin 3/2 of the Co(II) plays a more crucial role, and two-phonon spin-relaxation processes become more and more dominant. More information can be found in the Research Article by B. Schwarz, K. C. Mondal and co-workers.

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