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Stairway to stereoisomers: Engineering Short and Medium‐chain ketoreductases for producing chiral alcohols

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The short and medium-chain dehydrogenase/reductase superfamilies are responsible for the majority of chiral alcohol production in laboratories and industries. In nature, they participate in diverse roles such as detoxification, housekeeping, secondary metabolite production, and catalysis of several chemicals with commercial and environmental significance. As a result, they are used in industries to create biopolymers, active pharmaceutical intermediates (APIs), and are also utilised as a component of modular enzymes polyketide synthases for fabricating bioactive molecules. Consequently, random, semi-rational and rational engineering has helped transform these enzymes into product-oriented efficient catalysts. The rise of newer synthetic chemicals and their enantiopure counterparts, has proved challenging and engineering them has been the subject of numerous studies. However they are frequently limited to the synthesis of a single chiral alcohol. The study attempts to defragment and describe hotspots of engineering short and medium-chain dehydrogenases/reductases for production of chiral synthons.

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