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Recent Research Progress of Surface‐Enhanced Raman Scattering Dominated Analysis Strategies in Early Diagnosis of Diseases

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Our review not only systematically summarizes SERS detection of various disease markers, but also supplements the research content of integrated SERS and other technologies (including other optical detection methods, electrochemical methods and artificial intelligence technology) for disease diagnosis. More importantly, development trends and faced challenges of SERS technology for disease diagnosis in the future are also discussed.


Timely and powerful diagnostic means can achieve better therapeutic effects, reduce disease torment, and improve survival rate. As a powerful non-invasive spectroscopy technology, surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) have testified to be a great potential candidate for extensive early clinical disease diagnosis. In recent years, the introduction of SERS label, combined with other analysis modes or artificial intelligence, and the emergence of miniaturized devices have made SERS technology more advantageous in early diagnosis of diseases. This review focuses on the research progress of SERS dominated analytical strategies in the field of early disease diagnosis in the past five years. The main content includes the application of label-free SERS detection; the construction of label SERS methodologies for various disease markers; SERS dominated multimode early disease diagnosis strategies; integration of SERS and artificial intelligence; portable Raman equipment and SERS imaging; and opportunities and trends for SERS diagnostic technology in the future.

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