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Reactive Superhydrophobic Surfaces for Interlayer Electrical Connectivity in Three‐dimensional Electronics

A porous polymer film with amine reactivity and inherent superhydrophobicity (RSH film) is developed for effortless coating onto a variety of substrates and further amine funcationalizations. Significantly, this photopatterned and insulated film enables the in situ generation of PEDOT vertical circuits, providing a novel means to create interlayer electrical connectivity with anti-fouling property and air-permeability for 3D electronic devices.


This study describes the development of a new type of amine-reactive superhydrophobic (RSH) film that is facilely coated on various substrates using a single-step process, while the versatility of this RSH film offers a reliable solution for efficient formation of complex and robust interlayer electrical connectivity (IEC) in 3D electronic systems. The excellent spatial controllability of surface amine modification enables the generation of vertical circuits in situ, providing a distinct way to connect circuits located on different layers. Moreover, the inherent superhydrophobicity and porosity exhibit the required anti-fouling and breathability properties, making the RSH-based IEC well-suited for applications where exposure to environmental gas and liquid contaminants is likely. This approach provides another avenue towards the development of IEC in 3D flexible integrated electronics, opening up new possibilities for the advancement of this field.

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