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Proton transfer dynamics mediated CO2 electroreduction reaction

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Electrochemical CO2 reduction reaction (CO2RR) is crucial to addressing environmental crises and producing chemicals. Proton activation and transfer are essential in CO2RR. To date, few research reviews have focused on this process and its effect on catalytic performances. Recent studies demonstrate feasible examples to improve CO2RR via regulating proton transfer dynamics. In this concept article, we highlight the concept of regulating proton transfer dynamics to enhance CO2RR for the target product. We conclude the modulation strategy of proton transfer dynamics and operative mechanism in the typical systems, including single-atom catalysts, molecular catalysts, metal heterointerfaces, and organic-ligand modified metal catalysts. Importantly, the characterization methods of proton transfer dynamics during CO2RR are discussed here, providing powerful tools for the hydrogen-involving electrochemical study. This concept article offers new insights into the CO2RR mechanism and guides the design of efficient CO2RR systems.

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